Squidex is a headless content management system to manage content for mobile apps, SPAs and websites.

This installation configures a Ubuntu 20.04 x64 machine with

  • Docker
  • Docker-Compose

Based on this setup 3 containers are installed:

To work properly you need a DNS A record entry pointing to your machine, because caddy will issue a certificate using lets-encrypt.

Read more about Squidex at https://squidex.io.

This image has docker and docker-compose preinstalled, but you have to setup Squidex.

Basic Setup

Execute the following steps:

  1. Login to your machine using SSH (you can use putty on Windows).
  2. Go to your home folder with cd /home/
  3. Execute the setup script with ./setup-squidex.sh.

You are now asked to enter the host name for Squidex. All other parameters are optional. Please ensure that you have a domain or subdomain for Squidex installation.

The script will now start the docker-compose file and download all images. In the meantime you can go to your domain registrar and configure a A record to point to your server IP address.

When the images have been started it can take a few minutes to issue the certificate. It also depends on your A record and whether it is cached. In the worst case it can take up to 24 hours but usually it is only a question of a few minutes.

When everything is up and running you can visit your Squidex installation and create your initial user: https://your-domain


If you have issues create a ticket in the support forum: https://support.squidex.io

To get the logs, connect to your machine and execute the following commands:

  • For Squidex: home_squidex_squidex_1
  • For MongoDB: home_squidex_mongo_1
  • For Caddy: docker logs home_squidex_proxy_1