The CyberPanel image provides a One-Click installer to automatically install OpenLiteSpeed, LSCache, WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Mautic and contains all of the essential features, including HTTP/3 support. It also automates the initial setup for components like Mail service and DNS, to reduce the time it takes to get set up for hosting.


  • PHPMyAdmin autologin
  • Imunify360 Integration
  • Git Manager
  • Cloudflare DNS Synchronization
  • Web-Based Terminal
  • Docker Manager.
  • Different Level Of users.
  • Auto SSL.
  • FTP Server.
  • Lightweight DNS Server (PowerDNS).
  • PHPMyAdmin.
  • Email Support (Rainloop).
  • File Manager.
  • PHP Management.
  • Firewall.
  • One-click Backup and Restore.
  • One-click conversion from OpenLiteSpeed to LiteSpeed Enterprise.
  • Auto Backups

Additional Links

For more support

Please visit our Quick Start page for details on how to access your WordPress app and complete your configuration.

Community Support: Slack

Further information is provided when you log in via SSH

You should see a welcome banner like the following:

Welcome to LiteSpeed One-Click CyberPanel Server.

To keep this server secure, firewalld is enabled. CyberPanel One-Click Quickstart guide:

In a web browser, you can view:

  • CyberPanel: https://use.your.ip:8090
  • phpMyAdmin: https://use.your.ip:8090/dataBases/phpMyAdmin
  • Rainloop: https://use.your.ip:8090/rainloop

On the server:

  • You can get the CyberPanel admin password with the following command:

    cat .litespeed_password
  • You can get the the Mysql cyberpanel user password with the following command:

    cat .db_password

Note: if the banner does not show on the console, please SSH again after few minutes.