Reliable, high-performance infrastructure

Vultr’s cloud infrastructure is the perfect fit for website hosting. Our Cloud Compute virtual machines provide underlying resources to host most websites at scale. Bare Metal is ideal for resource intensive websites. Kubernetes Engine is for cloud native apps.

High performance. Low price.

Similar Specs, No Surprises

Flexible Machine Types

Some parts of your website might demand substantial CPU or RAM; others not so much. Vultr offers a portfolio of virtual machines and bare metal servers so that you can match your use case to the machine that best fits your needs.

Unbeatable Price

Vultr’s machines feature underlying resources similar to what you’ll get from Big Tech, but because each Vultr instance includes generous bandwidth and SSD, your costs are often just a fraction of EC2’s.

Transparent Costs

Unlike offerings from Big Tech, you can easily predict your costs, right from the very start.


Vultr Cloud Compute

  • 2vCPU 4 GB RAM
  • 80 GB Local SSD
  • US Chicago

T4g.medium On Demand

  • 2vCPU 4 GB RAM
  • 80 GB General Purpose Storage
  • US-East Ohio

Compute Price Per Month

Predictable pricing

$20.00 USD/mo

1 instance x $0.0336 USD x 730hr/mo

$24.53 USD/mo

Storage Cost

3000 GB Bandwidth

3 TB Included



Total Cost



We chose Vultr because it has the most datacenter location options for us to be able to serve our customers who are located around the world. Uptime, support, partner program, and advanced features like BYOIP have been awesome too!

Reilly Chase CEO at Hostifi

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