Flexible compute, elastic capacity

Vultr provides a variety of machine types so that you can tune your infrastructure to meet your game’s demands. Scale your infrastructure elastically, spinning up and down, as your game’s usage rises and falls with the time of day.

We run the backend game servers for Standoff 2 atop Vultr. Thousands of people play the game all over the world, and it's critical that we keep latency low. That's why we use Vultr - to affordably run servers, some of them Windows, as close to our users as possible.

Anton Donskoy Co-Founder at Axlebolt

Minimal latency with global availability

With 22 locations across 5 continents, you can reduce network transfer times by running Vultr servers close to your users. And if you're running a game server for yourself, you can enjoy real-time gameplay with no perceptible lag.

Chicago, Illinois United States
Miami, Florida United States
Amsterdam Netherlands
New Jersey United States
Dallas, Texas United States
Paris France
Tokyo Japan
Seattle, Washington United States
Los Angeles, California United States
Silicon Valley, California United States
Atlanta, Georgia United States
London United Kingdom
Frankfurt Germany
Sydney Australia
Toronto Canada
Stockholm Sweden
Mexico City Mexico
São Paulo Brazil
Madrid Spain
Warsaw Poland
0 locations

Guidance on game servers

Vultr features a library of documentation to help you set up your own game server. If you’d rather not self-host, you might get a server from our sister site, gameservers.com

Get started, or get some advice

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