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Transform your streaming services into a powerhouse by leveraging scalable graphics-accelerated compute infrastructure while significantly minimizing bandwidth expenses.

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High speed, low price

Vultr's high-performance IP network spans the globe, so your viewers can stream video or audio with low latency from any of our 18 data center locations. And because each Vultr instance includes generous data transfer, with overages starting at just $.01 / GB, the savings relative to the Big Tech clouds can really add up.

Amsterdam NL
Atlanta, GA US
Bangalore IN
Chicago, IL US
Dallas, TX US
Delhi NCR IN
Frankfurt DE
Honolulu, HI US
Johannesburg ZA
London GB
Los Angeles, CA US
Madrid ES
Manchester GB
Melbourne AU
Mexico City MX
Miami, FL US
Mumbai IN
New Jersey, NJ US
Osaka JP
Paris FR
Santiago CL
São Paulo BR
Seattle, WA US
Seoul KR
Silicon Valley, CA US
Singapore SG
Stockholm SE
Sydney AU
Tel Aviv IL
Tokyo JP
Toronto CA
Warsaw PL
32 locations

I love Vultr! It's very ease to use, and its systems have proven very reliable. As compared to other clouds, it's much more affordable, especially for startups and bandwidth-intensive businesses like ours.

Luis Ahumada
Luis Ahumada CEO at Mediastream

Flexible compute, no commitments

With a selection of on-demand virtual machines and bare metal servers, you can optimize your infrastructure to match the intensity of your streaming. Spin up and down on demand, with no long-term commitments, and the same low, predictable prices.

nanocosmos relies on Vultr Cloud Compute and Bare Metal instances as part of our nanoStream Multi-Cloud approach to power our global interactive live streaming network with ultra-low-latency. Vultr is a reliable partner with support for operations at a global scale.

Luis Ahumada
Oliver Lietz CEO at nanocosmos

The best deal on bandwidth, anywhere

Large-scale pixel streaming services often require transfering petabytes of data. And while it’s easy to overlook bandwidth costs prior to deploying, you’ll see it on your cloud bill: all those pennies really add up! Vultr offers substantial savings on bandwidth – so much that streaming services that are on unprofitable on AWS, Azure, or GCP become great businesses on Vultr.

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