Modernize manufacturing processes with cloud and AI

GenAI for manufacturing

Integrate generative AI (GenAI) and cloud solutions to optimize processes, ensuring operational productivity while minimizing resource usage. Vultr, as an NVIDIA Elite Partner, bypasses common challenges, offering direct access to GPU power, and through a partnership with Qdrant, enhances GenAI with a vector database, benefiting manufacturing processes.

IoT and edge compute

As part of the Vultr Cloud Alliance, Console Connect supports integrating IoT connectivity and edge computing for manufacturers. With IoT, sensors and devices collect data and transmit it to Vultr's cloud platform for analysis. Edge computing processes this data closer to the source, reducing latency for real-time analysis. Vultr's infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity and processing, enabling manufacturers to optimize operations with timely insights and decision-making.

Compliance across global regulations and standards

Protect your sensitive data and ensure regulatory adherence with Vultr's comprehensive security and compliance artifacts. Benefit from industry-leading certifications such as SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more, safeguarding your operations against threats and vulnerabilities.

Empowering manufacturing with high-performance AI and machine learning capabilities

Enable next-gen operations with our AI-driven solutions and support a range of industry categories in manufacturing.

Smart factories

Optimize smart manufacturing with AI, IoT, and high-frequency cloud computing by analyzing real-time data from machine sensors for predictive maintenance, quality control, and improved operations. With Vultr, you can save on cloud expenses compared to hyperscaler providers, all without compromising on performance and security while maximizing ROI in your AI initiatives.

Omniverse and supply chain optimization

By integrating data, optimizing inventory with AI and automating warehouse tasks Vultr enables manufacturers to handle product development, logistics, distribution, and marketing. Vultr connects 90% of the world's population within 2-40ms, provides access to high-end NVIDIA GPU resources, supporting manufacturing operations in a digitally connected world.

Energy and sustainability

Utilize Vultr’s AI capabilities and cloud computing to optimize energy usage, predict maintenance needs, and analyze data for efficiency improvements, fostering a more sustainable manufacturing industry. Energy providers can proactively manage energy consumption, minimize environmental impact, and enhance operational efficiency.


Integrate diverse machines and analyze vast data volumes to uncover insights, develop automation, and predict issues. Vultr infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity for optimized operations. With Vultr, IoT sensors collect data for processing and analysis on Vultr's cloud. This data then returns to edge computing nodes as actionable real-time insights for AI models, increasing efficiency.

Semiconductor and high-tech electronics

Vultr offers tailored hardware configurations for time-critical tasks, such as electronic design automation, supply chain management, and product lifecycle management. Migrating these workloads to the cloud enhances development productivity and reduces time to market. GPUs play a vital role in accelerating complex computations and improving performance.

Robotics and automation

With Vultr's scalable infrastructure, manufacturers can seamlessly deploy and manage cloud-connected robots and automation platforms, optimizing production processes and reducing labor costs. Cloud-connected robots can leverage AI for precision tasks, while automation platforms enable remote monitoring and control to increase productivity.

AI and cloud infrastructure for manufacturing

Learn how Vultr combines AI and cloud infrastructure to deliver a global, cost-effective, and high-performance approach to the manufacturing industry, with support for integrating AI, 5G, IoT, and edge computing. Download our solution brief to see how real-time data insights and analytics are revolutionizing manufacturing processes.

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Veridapt relies on Vultr servers to enhance transparency in commodities management. Veridapt’s proprietary technology monitors over 30 billion litres of hydrocarbons and tracks over 80 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Our platform mitigates the risk of theft and fraud at every step of the supply chain and supports ESG goals. Vultr's reliable infrastructure is essential for monitoring and controlling billions in energy, agricultural, and metal commodities globally.

Adam StuckeyHead of DevSecOps and Technical Support at Veridapt
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Reliable, high-performance infrastructure

Instantly deploy high-performance cloud servers, NVIDIA GPUs, bare metal, and cloud storage worldwide.

Object Storage

Utilize flexible, scalable, on-demand storage managed through the S3 API

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