We were looking for a cloud provider that made integration easy with API documentation and support, as well as simplified billing, and a choice of locations that were in areas we were not yet serving.

Dr. Abdel Fahmy Founder and CEO
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Integrated infrastructure made for ML

Vultr provides the foundational infrastructure services that enterprises need for their machine learning initiatives. With a range of products, including Cloud GPUs such as the NVIDIA A100, developers can build, train, and deploy models, all in one place.

Object Storage

S3-compatible storage for web app assets and backups.

Starting at $5.00/month

The only cloud to virtualize the NVIDIA A100

Vultr has made accelerated computing affordable by virtualizing the industry-leading GPU for machine learning: the NVIDIA A100. Our unique approach partitions physical GPUs into discrete virtual GPUs, each with their own memory and compute. Perfect for AI inference, NLP, voice recognition, and computer vision.

Spin up fast with ML tools and stacks

With Vultr, it's easy to provision Cloud GPUs powered by the end-to-end, integrated NVIDIA hardware and software stack. The NVIDIA NGC Catalog image provides full access to NVIDIA Enterprise. An end-to-end, secure, cloud native suite of AI software, NVIDIA AI Enterprise accelerates the data sciene pipeline and streamlines the development and deployment of predictive artificial intelligence (AI) models. Vultr makes NVIDIA's latest AI innovations accessible and affordable for everyone.

Low latency through global availability

Vultr offers a global cloud GPU platform, allowing you to place your GPU servers close both to your applications’ end users, and to the regions where training data is first originated.

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Chicago, Illinois United States
Miami, Florida United States
Amsterdam Netherlands
New Jersey United States
Dallas, Texas United States
Paris France
Mexico City Mexico
São Paulo Brazil
Madrid Spain
Warsaw Poland
Tokyo Japan
Seattle, Washington United States
Los Angeles, California United States
Silicon Valley , California United States
Atlanta, Georgia United States
London United Kingdom
Frankfurt Germany
Sydney Australia
Melbourne Australia
Toronto Canada
Seoul South Korea
Stockholm Sweden
Honolulu, Hawaii United States
Mumbai India
Bangalore India
Delhi NCR India
Santiago Chile