Leverage accelerated computing to advance healthcare initiatives

Discover how Vultr's Healthcare and Life Sciences solution brief can empower your organization with accelerated computing capabilities to drive innovation and enhance patient care.

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Faster medical breakthroughs,
lower costs

Accelerated medical innovation

Perform AI-driven research, drug discovery, and genomics wtih our powerful solution. Researchers and practitioners can leverage high-performance computing and machine learning capabilities to expedite workflows, analyze complex data sets, and derive actionable insights, ultimately advancing the pace of breakthroughs in healthcare and life sciences.

Cost optimization and efficiency

By utilizing Vultr's scalable cloud infrastructure, NVIDIA's powerful GPUs, and Domino's unified MLOps platform, organizations can optimize operational costs, streamline workflows, and enhance resource utilization. This efficiency extends to both the development and deployment of AI models, allowing healthcare institutions to achieve more with fewer resources.

Responsible AI practices and governance

With Domino's analytics and AI/ML platform facilitating model governance and the robust infrastructure of Vultr powered by NVIDIA GPUs, organizations can manage risk, enforce compliance, and implement responsible AI practices throughout the end-to-end model lifecycle, fostering trust and reliability in the application of AI technologies in healthcare.

Drug discovery and development

Drive drug discovery forward with powerful computing and AI capabilities. By utilizing NVIDIA's GPU-accelerated instances on Vultr, researchers model millions of molecules, simultaneously screen potential drugs, and expedite time-to-solution.

Genomics and precision medicine

Leverage the solution's robust compute instances and GPU acceleration to expedite high-throughput genome analysis. Access low-latency resources globally with Vultr's deployment, while Domino's platform seamlessly streamlines model development.

Clinical AI and imaging

Infuse AI into medical devices and imaging workflows using NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and GPU capabilities. From development to deployment, Domino's platform meticulously governs the entire model lifecycle, ensuring uncompromised quality and compliance in every step.

Advanced AI and machine learning capabilities within reach

Meet personalized medicine needs, enhance quality of care, and drive breakthroughs in biomedical research

Cloud Compute

High-performance instances accelerate tasks from drug modeling to genome analysis, advancing precision medicine and optimizing clinical workflows.

Accelerated development
and deployment

Domino's analytics and AI/ML platform enables data science teams to develop and deploy models globally, ensuring collaboration, best practices, and cost-effective governance.

Tailored for the healthcare

Designed specifically for Healthcare and Life Sciences, the joint solution addresses industry demands while ensuring patient safety and compliance and robust model governance.

Reliable, high-performance infrastructure

Instantly deploy High Performance Cloud Servers, Cloud GPUs, Bare Metal, and Cloud Storage worldwide.

Object Storage

Flexible, scalable, on-demand storage managed through the S3 API

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