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With an extensive global network of cloud data centers, Vultr keeps your information closer to you and your end users by taking advantage of geography instead of competing with it.

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Everywhere Cloud, Meet Edge

With the explosion of internet-connected devices and smartphones, centralized clouds just can’t cut it for globally-accessible edge applications. Vultr is committed to being the most pervasive platform of any independent cloud – with a presence across six continents – enabling you to deploy elastically scalable infrastructure everywhere you need it.

Amsterdam NL
Atlanta, GA US
Bangalore IN
Chicago, IL US
Dallas, TX US
Delhi NCR IN
Frankfurt DE
Honolulu, HI US
Johannesburg ZA
London GB
Los Angeles, CA US
Madrid ES
Manchester GB
Melbourne AU
Mexico City MX
Miami, FL US
Mumbai IN
New Jersey, NJ US
Osaka JP
Paris FR
Santiago CL
São Paulo BR
Seattle, WA US
Seoul KR
Silicon Valley, CA US
Singapore SG
Stockholm SE
Sydney AU
Tel Aviv IL
Tokyo JP
Toronto CA
Warsaw PL
32 locations

We were looking for a cloud provider that made integration easy with API documentation and support, as well as simplified billing, and a choice of locations that were in areas we were not yet serving.

CTO of Edgegap, Philip Cote's picture
Philip Cote CTO, Edgegap

Compute for any use case

Vultr offers a broad portfolio of virtual machines and bare metal servers, allowing you to run your edge applications on machines that map perfectly to your precise needs. Cloud GPUs allow you to run machine learning and rendering workloads close to your data, and managed Kubernetes makes container orchestration easy.

Deploy any OS, app, or stack

Spin up a new instance with your preferred operating system or pre-installed application in just seconds.

Get started, or get some advice

Start deploying your edge applications now by signing up for a free Vultr account. Of, if you'd like to speak with us regarding your needs, please reach out.