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Bare metal servers provide full control of your infrastructure, with high-performance, single-tenant dedicated servers easily orchestrated in the cloud.

When customers are looking for reliable, powerful infrastructure they can have full control over, they might turn to a bare metal cloud server (also known as a single-tenant server). These types of servers offer high-performance hardware that can be easily managed in the cloud. Below we explore bare metal, including the components of a bare metal server and what makes bare metal different from other cloud infrastructure options.

Vultr Bare Metal

What Is Bare Metal?

When you think about a bare metal server, usually you think about a server that has no Operating System on it. A bare metal server in the cloud is also that - a server with no operating system on it and furthermore, one with no other tenants on it. Bare metal servers give you ultimate flexibility and usability when it comes to your hosted needs.

You are the only one using the server and your application(s) are the sole things running on the hosted box. No other virtual machines compete for resources and a flat security hierarchy without a virtualization layer providing a further level of security compliance for you and your organization.

What Makes Bare Metal Different?

A bare metal server at its core is just that - a single server instance that you control, configure and own. From the moment you decide to deploy a Bare Metal server in Vultr's infrastructure, you will configure everything from the application or ISO file you want attached to it, the physical location you wish to locate it in, even the RAID configuration. Best of all, you'll be the only tenant on this server.

Components of a Bare Metal Server

Like many other offerings at Vultr, a Bare Metal server comes with all of the options that many of our other VPS offerings come with - a server type, startup script(s), IPv6, Secure Shell Access via public/private key, customizable firewall rules, and most of all, the ability to choose the RAID configuration of the NVMe RAM disks provided as part of the instance. Once you deploy the bare metal server, you'll have the ability to manage it just like any other Vultr instance. You can set a backup schedule, take snapshots, mount ISO files and even create a private network for it to connect to other instances in the same data center.

Why Use a Bare Metal Server?

Let's start by stating the facts, bare metal isn't for everyone, nor is it for every application. Bare metal really fits two key needs. First, it addresses a security aspect that no one else is on your server. Hypervisor technology is secure, but for certain security and compliance reasons and regulations, there are times when you need your own server. Bare metal addresses this need. Secondly, the other main aspect bare metal addresses is resource sharing. When you deploy a bare metal server, it is all yours. There is no contention, no pooled resources, no sharing a virtualization layer with any other virtual machines.

What Makes Vultr Bare Metal Servers Unique?

Vultr is one of many providers of Bare Metal, so what makes our Bare Metal offering any different or better? First off, we have data centers in strategic locations around the world and we are constantly growing. Mix that with our best of class feature set like Private Networking, BYOIP and Direct Connect, all controlled through our easy-to-use self-service portal and it’s a no brainer why our solution is hands down the best. Then, add on our exceptional customer service and the extensive documentation catalog (which is constantly growing) and you can quickly see why we've hosted over 40,000,000 Cloud Servers for clients all over the world. Oh, did we forget to mention our SLA, which boasts a 100% Host Node and Network Uptime?

Getting Started With Bare Metal

In closing, Bare Metal addresses needs, in the cloud, that a physical server would address by itself in a data center. It gives you an added level of compliance security as well as the comfort in knowing the entire server is yours and you don't have to contend for resources. Armed with this knowledge, what are you waiting for?

Deploy a Bare Metal instance in one of Vultr's hosted locations today.