Protect your privacy with a VPN

By running a VPN on your own Vultr virtual machine, you can can mask your IP address, and avoid prying eyes or hackers. All data transfer can be encrypted, so you can browse with confidence that your privacy is protected.

Desenvolva localmente, implemente globalmente®

With 22 locations across 5 continents, Vultr allows you to minimize latency by running your SaaS close to your users, wherever they are in the world.

Chicago, Illinois United States
Miami, Florida United States
Amsterdam Netherlands
New Jersey United States
Dallas, Texas United States
Paris France
Tokyo Japan
Seattle, Washington United States
Los Angeles, California United States
Silicon Valley, California United States
Atlanta, Georgia United States
London United Kingdom
Frankfurt Germany
Sydney Australia
Toronto Canada
Stockholm Sweden
Mexico City Mexico
São Paulo Brazil
Madrid Spain
Warsaw Poland
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We have used Vultr to power the Lantern VPN service for years. Anyone using Vultr, either indirectly via Lantern, or directly via their own self-hosted VPN, can trust that Vultr's infrastructure is secure, private, and extremely fast.

Adam Fisk President of Brave Software Creator of Lantern

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