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Vultr Marketplace Application Variables

Last Updated: Tue, May 25, 2021
Vultr Marketplace

If you are new to the Vultr Marketplace, please see the documentation overview to get started.

This guide describes how to create Marketplace application variables.


When a customer deploys your application, the Marketplace provides them with the IP address and root password. In addition to these basic values, you can create custom application variables.

Click the Marketplace icon at the bottom of the customer portal's left-hand menu.

Screenshot of Variables tab

  1. Click the Variables tab to create variables such as application or user passwords. When a customer deploys your application, the Marketplace generates unique values for each variable you create. You can display these variables to the customer on the Application Information page. The application can retrieve these values with the Vultr Metadata API. Password variables have the following required information:

    • Label (2): This is visible to the public. On public landing pages there isn't a value available for the variable, so we show this label in its place. You may enter up to 255 characters.
    • Name (3): The variable name has a max length of 15 characters and must use Snake Case. Only lower-case and underscores are allowed.
    • Length (4): The password length must be between 6 and 50 characters.
  2. After entering your variable information, click Add New Password Variable (5).

These variables are available to your Marketplace application via the Vultr Metadata API. To learn how to retrieve these variables in your application, see our guide to Vultr Marketplace variables and provisioning scripts.

Next Steps

Next, display the variable values on the application information page.

More Information

This guide is part of the Vultr Marketplace documentation. Please see the documentation overview for more information.

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