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The comprehensive stack you need for WordPress

WPMU DEV delivers high-performance WordPress solutions optimized for deployment on Vultr's cloud infrastructure. With a highly-rated managed hosting, plugin, and reseller platform, WPMU DEV provides business-grade tools empowering web developers, freelancers and agencies to easily manage their WordPress Sites.

Enjoy a powerful site management hub, fully integrated billing systems, first class support, and managed hosting with WPMU DEV. From optimizing server configurations to enhancing website performance and ensuring reliable backups, WPMU DEV's products leverage Vultr's cloud platform to its fullest potential.

Experience the benefits of Vultr’s global cloud infrastructure, reaching 90% of the world’s population within 2-40ms with unparalleled price-to-performance, while developing WordPress sites with unmatched ease and efficiency.

Hosting elsewhere?

We’ll buy out your existing hosting and migrate your sites for free, with zero downtime or effort. No contract required - pay only by the month!
Starting from $4/month

Easy to manage

Using Vultr's one-click integration with WPMU DEV, and our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, enjoy simple registration and streamlined management capabilities.

Simple, transparent pricing

Enjoy up-front expenses with WMPU DEV’s transparent renewals, and Vultr’s straightforward, utility-based pricing. With exceptional price-to-performance, Vultr can save you up to 90% compared to hyperscale providers.

Global compliance and privacy

Harness WPMU DEV’s Whois privacy to safeguard your online identity, and confidently build on Vultr’s compliance and security-first infrastructure. Vultr’s services and platform are GDPR, LGPD, DPDPA, CCPA and US State-level compliant.

Built-in reseller tools

WPMU DEV enables users to seamlessly resell hosting and domains, providing a vital service for freelancers and agencies looking to expand their business offerings.

Free webmail accounts

Benefit from WPMU DEV’s feature providing 10 email accounts for integration with each domain, complemented by unlimited email forwarding capabilities.

The domain for you

WPMU DEV's offering of over 260+ top-level domains empowers businesses to establish a global presence with domain names that best fit their brand and market. Utilizing Vultr DNS ensures that these domains benefit from enhanced security and faster DNS resolution, crucial for maintaining high availability and swift website access globally.

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