Simple to manage and deploy

Deploy fully configured cloud based load balancers from our user-friendly customer portal - you can be up and running in seconds! Or, automate your load balancers using our flexible API.

Highly available

Add durability to your infrastructure by deploying our one click load balancers in front of your production clusters. Each load balancer includes built-in health monitoring and automatic failover.


Vultr Load Balancers make it easy to secure your traffic with SSL configuration options by allowing you to bring your own SSL certificates, ensuring secure traffic for your load balancer and application.


Leverage Load Balancers to increase performance and stability on your infrastructure. Simply add or remove instances from your compute pool and the Load Balancer will route traffic intelligently.

Powerful API

Our flexible API makes it easy to fully automate deployment and management of all your load balancer clusters. You can also visit our GitHub Portal for a suite of API tools and SDKs.

Additional resources

Review our FAQ and Load Balancers Doc for more information about Load Balancers.


How am I billed for Load Balancers?

Vultr Load Balancers are priced at $10.00 per subscription.

How is bandwidth charged?

Vultr Load Balancers are bandwidth neutral. We only charge on bandwidth on the instances attached to the load balancer.

How do I attach instances to my Vultr Load Balancer?

In the Vultr dashboard you will be able to assign and remove instances to a given Load Balancer.

How do I manage my Load Balancer?

You do not have to worry about managing Vultr Load Balancers. They are fully managed.

What protocols do you support?

Vultr Load Balancers support TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS.

Can I use my load balancer in one region with instances in a different region?

Unfortunately not. Load Balancers and attached instances must be in the same region.

How am I billed for Load Balancers?

Vultr Load Balancers are priced at $10.00 per subscription.

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