Secure your website from DDoS attacks

Stop attacks in minutes with our automatic DDoS mitigation service, available in 11 locations worldwide!

Real-time analytics & reporting

Our system monitors network traffic and routes malicious activity to our attack mitigation farm as soon as a DDoS event is detected, generally within 60 seconds.

No increased latency

Vultr's native DDoS mitigation system protects your cloud server inside the Vultr network. This means no increased latency and no routing of your traffic to a third party. Make your website secure, without losing the speed.

Powerful mitigation

DDoS Protection adds 10Gbps of mitigation capacity per instance and safeguards all attached IPv4 addresses. Custom protection levels above 10Gbps will be available in the future.

Available in multiple locations

DDoS protection, available in 11 locations worldwide

Chicago, Illinois United States
Miami, Florida United States
Amsterdam Netherlands
New Jersey United States
Dallas, Texas United States
Paris France
Seattle, Washington United States
Los Angeles, California United States
Silicon Valley, California United States
London United Kingdom
Frankfurt Germany
0 locations