Accelerate Kubernetes deployment

With public and private container repositories, Vultr empowers you to take advantage of available open-source AI/machine learning workloads for decreased time-to-market, or to privately store your container images at no additional cost.

no form fill or personal details required for access

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Container storage without complications

Vultr Container Registry delivers a streamlined experience with a simple control panel and transparent, upfront pricing, ensuring you can confidently store Kubernetes containers without fear of large surprise bills.

Pre-configured environments

Quickly build container configurations with available model images, including open source AI/machine learning models, all hosted on Vultr’s powerful global GPU and compute infrastructure.

Global and secure footprint

Vultr Container Registry is available across 32 cloud data center locations on six continents, reducing latency when spinning up new instances and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Public and private registries

Build your own library of models from public images that you can sync and deploy worldwide without bandwidth charges