The flexibility of cloud computing with the raw power of physical servers

Vultr Bare Metal merges the raw power of dedicated servers with the flexibility and scalability of Vultr’s global cloud infrastructure. Offering high-performance single-tenant dedicated servers with NVIDIA GPUs and top-tier CPUs from AMD and Intel, Bare Metal ensures businesses maintain operational efficiency and technological competitiveness.

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Develop, deploy, and optimize cloud-native applications to run every aspect of your business

Instantly discover the applications and services for your business in Vultr Marketplace

Find the widest array of plug-and-play SaaS applications to make developing and deploying your cloud applications easier.

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Find the containerized services you need in Vultr Container Registry

Browse the PaaS and SaaS offerings in our marketplace of pre-built Kubernetes containers to accelerate application development, deployment and ioptimization.

Draw on services from our partners to deploy and optimize your cloud applications

The Vultr Cloud Alliance is a strategic partnership program formed by Vultr with a network of industry-leading partners to deliver integrated solutions and services for cloud computing.

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Powerful servers for the
most demanding workloads


CPU Compute

Develop locally, deploy globally®

32 worldwide locations

Amsterdam NL
Atlanta, GA US
Bangalore IN
Chicago, IL US
Dallas, TX US
Delhi NCR IN
Frankfurt DE
Honolulu, HI US
Johannesburg ZA
London GB
Los Angeles, CA US
Madrid ES
Manchester GB
Melbourne AU
Mexico City MX
Miami, FL US
Mumbai IN
New Jersey, NJ US
Osaka JP
Paris FR
Santiago CL
São Paulo BR
Seattle, WA US
Seoul KR
Silicon Valley, CA US
Singapore SG
Stockholm SE
Sydney AU
Tel Aviv IL
Tokyo JP
Toronto CA
Warsaw PL
32 locations

Deploy anything in seconds

Spin up a new instance with your preferred operating system, Vultr Marketplace application, or a custom ISO in just seconds.

Built for business

Schedule automatic backups, create server snapshots, set up flexible networking, and secure compute instances with on-demand firewall and DDoS protection.

Image of my.vultr user dashboard showing several deployed cloud servers

API & Terraform

Use our API or Terraform provider to quickly create and control your instances.

DDoS protection

Our DDoS mitigation system offers protection against layer 3 and layer 4 network attacks.

Global content delivery

Accelerate and secure your content across six continents with Vultr CDN, delivering unmatched speed and accessibility wherever your users are.

Bring your own IP space

BGP announcement of your IP space is available in any of Vultr’s worldwide cloud data center locations.

Build a composable cloud with best-in-class infrastructure components and services from Vultr and our partners.

From the infrastructure layer to the platform layer to the application layer, a composable approach gives you ultimate flexibility to assemble the right cloud stack to power your business.

Read why the composable cloud is becoming the next evolution of cloud services.

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“While big providers offered decent global reach, they didn’t offer comprehensive support, and smaller solutions that offered hands-on service were lacking in locations and global availability.”
Philip Cote
Chief Technology Officer, Edgegap

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Bare Metal Simplified

Powered by fully dedicated, high performance AMD EPYC CPUs, these VMs are ready for big business challenges. Noisy neighbors won't slow you down.