What’s new at Vultr: VKE for Cloud GPU, Load Balancers 2.0, and more
May 17, 2023

We’ve recently introduced several exciting updates to our platform and implemented some of our most popular user suggestions to make managing cloud infrastructure even easier.

Vultr Kubernetes Engine for Cloud GPU

Introducing Vultr Kubernetes Engine (VKE) for Cloud GPU, a game-changing solution that brings the incredible power of NVIDIA GPUs to Vultr’s fully managed Kubernetes service. With support for NVIDIA’s latest data center GPUs, including the A100, A40, and A16, Vultr empowers developers and innovators with a wide range of high-performance configurations to support many popular machine learning frameworks, deep learning models, or GPU-accelerated applications.

Deploy VKE for Cloud GPU today by logging into your Vultr control panel.

Load Balancers 2.0

Speed is at the heart of our Load Balancers' evolution. We've optimized their underlying architecture to ensure they operate at peak efficiency, enabling blazing-fast response times and reduced latency. Whether you're running a high-traffic e-commerce platform or a content-heavy website, rest assured that your users will experience lightning-quick page loads and seamless interactions.

In fact, we have successfully increased the average requests per second handled by our Load Balancers by an impressive 150%, reaching an average of 20,000 requests per second per Load Balancer. This significant enhancement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to speed and efficiency. By investing in the optimization of our underlying architecture and employing cutting-edge technologies, we have achieved unprecedented levels of responsiveness and reduced latency.

Scalability has also received a substantial boost with our Load Balancer updates. Now, you can easily scale your infrastructure up or down based on demand, allowing you to efficiently allocate resources and handle traffic fluctuations.

We've also significantly expanded the capacity of our Load Balancers to support an extensive number of nodes. This means you can connect a large cluster of backend servers to a single load balancer cluster, effortlessly accommodating the growth of your applications and services.

Lastly, Vultr Load Balancers now operate on the rock-solid Debian operating system, known for its stability and security. Alongside this, we've integrated the latest version of HAProxy, the renowned open-source load balancer and proxy server. This powerful combination ensures seamless operation, enhanced security, and improved load distribution for your applications.

UI improvements

Vultr's new mega menu just launched! This robust menu offers a seamless and intuitive navigation system, allowing you to effortlessly explore the wealth of resources and information on the Vultr platform. Discover new events, dive into comprehensive data sheets, and uncover inspiring case studies, all with just a few clicks.

We’ve also simplified our control panel labels to make it easier to navigate the platform, so you can work even faster and more efficiently.

Coming soon

To wrap up, Vultr is on the brink of launching an array of exciting changes that will revolutionize your cloud infrastructure. The highly anticipated introduction of high availability control planes for VKE is set to bolster the reliability and stability of your applications. The forthcoming Vultr Container Registry for VKE will simplify the deployment and management of container images, enabling smoother and more streamlined development processes. And with VPC 2.0 just around the corner, Vultr is poised to provide advanced networking capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and fortified security.

We invite you to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for further updates as Vultr continues to push the boundaries of innovation and empower you with cutting-edge solutions for all your cloud needs.