Vultr + Zeet: Simplifying Cloud Deployment and Management
Jul 27, 2023

Businesses grapple with the complexity of cloud infrastructure and escalating costs

Cloud complexity demands specialized cloud engineers, adding costs and creating dependencies for developers. Lengthy infrastructure setup and deployment times are exacerbated by convoluted controls, bloated features, and changing configurations. Unpredictable pricing and the potential for costly errors further inflate the expenses of cloud engineering, while limited data centers hinder global accessibility, data compliance, and latency.

Businesses need a simplified deployment process, streamlined infrastructure management, and affordable cloud computing power. Enter the dynamic partnership of Zeet and Vultr. By combining Vultr's cost-effective cloud computing solution with Zeet's automated infrastructure management, a new era of simplified cloud deployment emerges.

Vultr and Zeet are simplifying cloud

Vultr offers composable full-stack infrastructure, enabling businesses to swiftly spin up high-performance cloud compute instances and services. Zeet takes it a step further by providing SRE & DevOps the ability to manage infrastructure and services and easily coordinate deployments using technologies including Kubernetes, Serverless, Terraform, Pulumi, and Helm. With Zeet, SRE and DevOps can create reusable infrastructure components that application developers can deploy in a self-serve way.

With Zeet and Vultr, businesses experience accelerated application deployment, optimized performance, and on-demand compute resources. Zeet allows organizations to improve the developer experience and implement developer self-service, saving companies money and empowering cloud engineers to focus on high-value work.

The partnership tackles cloud deployment challenges head-on. Deploying globally takes under 60 seconds, eliminating the learning curve and mistakes associated with cloud engineering. Utility-based pricing provides predictability for cloud costs.

Vultr's 32+ global cloud data centers offer high-speed connectivity and low-latency access, enabling businesses to reach customers worldwide. Zeet's versatile deployment capabilities support various frameworks, languages, and runtimes, providing flexibility.

With Zeet and Vultr, businesses simplify cloud management through intuitive control panels and built-in monitoring dashboards while maintaining security and compliance to ensure project safety.

Customers have been using Vultr and Zeet for use cases from AI/ML deployments to serverless and containerized architecture. Zeet + Vultr delivers affordability, global scalability, simplified management, and secure infrastructure.

Leveraging the strengths of Zeet and Vultr maximizes resources and minimizes development time. Simplify your cloud operations and embark on a convenient, efficient journey. Learn more about how you can leverage this powerful partnership.