Sep 20, 2021

What you need to know:

  • Vultr will begin charging for snapshot storage in October, with charges reflected on November 1st invoices
  • Snapshot storage will cost $0.05/GB per month, which is the same or less than other cloud providers
  • Over 90% of Vultr customers will see less than a 2% increase in their monthly invoice, and most customers’ invoices will see less than a 1% increase, if there is an increase
  • You can easily lower, or completely eliminate your snapshot costs by deleting old snapshots from your account

Why is Vultr making this change?

Vultr now has hundreds of thousands of customers, with millions of cloud instances deployed. Because snapshot storage was previously free, users tended to leave old snapshots in their accounts indefinitely (we get it - we would too if it was free!).

Unfortunately, these snapshots take up real disk space, which is expensive to provide. With more new users every day, and 18 locations around the world, it is no longer possible to provide free storage for the rapidly-growing number of old and unused snapshots.

We would rather give our customers more capacity in more locations, globally, than spend money storing old snapshots.

How was pricing set?

We priced snapshot storage the same or less than other cloud providers at $0.05/GB per month. This allows us to cover the cost of physical storage, and continue to keep your cloud computing costs low.

Should I still use snapshots?

Absolutely! Snapshots are great for rolling-back changes, disaster recovery, or replicating your deployments quickly. For more information on how to use snapshots in Vultr, see our documentation.

What if I have a lot of snapshots?

If you would like to discuss your snapshot storage with us, please open a support ticket here and we will be happy to look at your account and discuss options.