You can’t scale digital innovation on yesterday’s cloud. Have you hit your cloud ceiling with DigitalOcean?
Jul 11, 2023

Innovation is not a linear progression; it often occurs in disruptive bursts that reset industries and players. In 2023, a confluence of events sparked a step-function in innovation, setting the stage for a wave of digital advancement that surpasses anything we've witnessed since the advent of the Internet or the mobile revolution. Some cloud players have set the pace; others are falling behind.

Some have a "waning" cloud portfolio, which has led to revenue slowdowns. Others saw the writing on the wall. We knew our growing global customer base would continue to look to us for cost efficiencies in their cloud infrastructure, with global scalability and reach, so they could free up capital for innovation. Having a close ear to the ground across all continents, we knew that next-gen cloud would rise as the composable cloud – built on composable cloud infrastructure and stack that seamlessly integrates a wide range of best-of-breed IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. Building on the composability principle, our Vultr Kubernetes Engine has enabled unfettered growth, empowering innovators and builders to effortlessly deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications. With features like automatic scaling, high availability, and seamless integration with Vultr's cloud infrastructure, it has simplified the process of running and orchestrating container workloads with ease.

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Support an Ever-Expanding Global Footprint for Optimal Performance and Reach

To ensure optimal performance and global reach, Vultr’s cloud has extended to multiple continents, spanning a vast network of 32 cloud data center locations strategically positioned around the world. With a presence across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa, Vultr today provides a truly global infrastructure footprint, ensuring low latency, high-speed connectivity, and reliable cloud services for users worldwide. We continue to invest in our global footprint – because we know that our customers need next-gen cloud anywhere where their teams are located, delivering cloud services at optimal performance and price. Because our customers told us they cannot settle for high latency or growing data and model sovereignty challenges.

Accelerating an Ecosystem of Partners: Enabling the Next Wave of Innovation via Global Cloud Village

You can't build the next cloud with yesterday's methods, competing with your partners and resorting to layoffs. This is why Vultr focused on growing our global partnerships. Last month, we launched the Vultr Cloud Alliance, enabling innovators with top-tier technology, tools, and services that empower them to easily build and scale cloud-native operations. Counting IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS innovations such as Cloud 66, Backblaze, Domino Data Lab, and Console Connect, we are building a global composable services village. Expect to hear more from us on the partner front soon.

These partnerships enhance our customers' ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies and build successful digital solutions. In contrast, DigitalOcean has failed to establish a robust ecosystem of partners, limiting its customers' access to a broader range of capabilities.

Customer-Led Cloud Innovation, The Vultr Way

While some cloud players took their foot off the cloud innovation pedal and neglected product and community, focusing on maximizing profitability, others doubled down on both fronts. As AI and machine learning applications started to pick up steam, the team at Vultr knew we needed to provide the full array of GPUs to empower the next generation of digital innovators and disruptors. Working with customers and partners alike, we knew, ahead of the curve, that companies were doubling down on data science teams and MLOps pipelines to deliver machine learning models, powering the next generation of digital services. We, in turn, doubled down on our partnerships and integrations with Domino Data Lab. Our composable infrastructure approach led us to augment our core cloud computing with new cloud GPU capabilities.

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If yesterday's clouds – be they big or independent – can no longer support your digital or AI innovation initiatives, today you have a choice.

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