Introducing Vultr Virtual Private Cloud 2.0: The Next Evolution in Scalable, Private Networking
Aug 10, 2023

At Vultr, we believe in continuous innovation to bring you the best cloud infrastructure services at a fraction of the cost of Big Tech. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Vultr Virtual Private Cloud 2.0 (VPC 2.0), a groundbreaking upgrade to one of our foundational products that will redefine how you experience networking in the cloud.

What is VPC 2.0?

Vultr Virtual Private Cloud 2.0 is a new version of our VPC service, designed to work in parallel with our original VPC offering. While VPC 2.0 retains some of the features you know and love from the original service, it introduces a number of improvements that will take your networking capabilities to new heights.

With VPC 2.0, you can now segment your cloud servers into logical groups or harden your public interface while allowing permissive access to other cloud servers in the same VPC. You can run your backups, replication, and other backend tasks in complete privacy without exposing the traffic to the public Internet.

VPC 2.0s are entirely private, even from each other. Other customers cannot see traffic on your VPC 2.0 private network, and your VPC 2.0s cannot pass traffic to each other.

Scalability and Beyond

The key difference between VPC 2.0 and the original VPC lies in the underlying infrastructure. With VPC 2.0, we've shifted from Ethernet-adjacency to IP routing, paving the way for unprecedented scalability. Unlike the previous version, which had a limit of 126 node attachments, VPC 2.0 opens the floodgates, allowing for considerably higher node attachments. This means you can scale your private networks effortlessly, without limitations, to support even the most demanding workloads.

Improved Performance

VPC 2.0's IP-routed infrastructure comes with its own set of performance advantages. By eliminating noisiness from Broadcast or Multicast packets, we've streamlined traffic handling, leading to a noticeable performance boost for systems attached to VPC 2.0 private networks. Rest assured, this enhancement translates to smoother operations and faster data transfers for your critical applications.

A Foundation for Future Advancements

Beyond the immediate benefits, VPC 2.0 lays the groundwork for our future networking innovations. We are committed to continuously enhancing our cloud infrastructure, and VPC 2.0 serves as a solid foundation for upcoming features and products we have in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we push the boundaries of what's possible in the cloud.

Unlock the Potential with VPC 2.0

With Vultr Virtual Private Cloud 2.0, we are setting a new standard for scalable, high-performance networking in the cloud. Embrace the power of limitless scalability, enhanced performance, and the promise of future innovations. Upgrade your networking capabilities today and explore the possibilities with VPC 2.0.

To get started with VPC 2.0, access our comprehensive documentation on Vultr Docs, where you'll find FAQs, step-by-step guides, and everything you need to harness the full potential of this service.

If you're not already a Vultr customer and want to learn more about the Vultr difference, don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We're here to assist you in finding the perfect cloud solutions to meet your needs.