Vultr Managed Databases now supports Redis®
Oct 25, 2022

Today, we’re thrilled to announce support for Redis®* as part of Vultr Managed Databases!

Vultr Managed Databases for Redis is a fully managed in-memory NoSQL data store that can be used ​​as a database, cache, streaming engine, and message broker. You can deploy a Redis cluster in minutes in any of our 27 worldwide locations, including our two newest data centers in India, Bangalore and Delhi NCR.

Redis, which stands for Remote Dictionary Server, was founded over 13 years ago by Salvatore Sanfilippo when he struggled to use traditional databases for a real-time web log analyzer he was developing. Sanfilippo’s creation popularized the idea that a database can act as a store and a cache at the same time. In fact, according to Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey, developers voted Redis as the most loved” database from 2017-2021 – only to be marginally beaten out by PostgreSQL in 2022.

Vultr Managed Databases supports three of the world's most popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and now, Redis. Whether you need a simple but reliable database like MySQL, or something with advanced features like PostgreSQL and Redis, Vultr Managed Databases makes database administration a breeze.

Low latency, high performance
Thousands of companies utilize Redis in their tech stacks because of its schema-less design, optimized data structures, and versatile modules that adapt to their data needs. Twitter, GitHub, Snapchat, and many more rely on Redis to improve the performance of their stacks.

Redis is purpose-built for large amounts of constantly changing data. Sub-millisecond response times enable Redis to process millions of requests per second in fast-moving industries like gaming, ad-tech, financial services, healthcare, and the internet of things (IoT).

The most demanding datasets perform best on Vultr’s Optimized Cloud Compute instances, but clusters can be deployed using any of our server types. Pricing starts at just $15 per month with the ability to scale your cluster as your needs change.

Below is pricing for Redis clusters running on Optimized Cloud Compute Memory Optimized VMs. View pricing for all server types here.

Unlike MySQL and PostgreSQL, our Redis plans do not advertise storage. Since your dataset lives in RAM, there’s no need to worry about the cluster’s available storage space. Vultr Managed Databases intelligently persist data to the disk when certain Redis operations require it.

Managed simplicity
Vultr Managed Databases gives you access to all the benefits of Redis without needing to install, maintain, and back up the database manually. No need for hands-on database administration with managed Redis.

From Vultr’s easy-to-use control panel, you can:
• See real-time usage graphs and logs
• Control the eviction policy
• Restore data from backups

But that’s not all. You can fully configure nearly every aspect of your cluster without ever needing to open a terminal window.

Watch as Vultr Cloud Native Engineering Manager Michael Biondi and Developer Advocate Walt Ribeiro walk you through the Managed Databases control panel for a PostgreSQL cluster.

Let your data work for you
Vultr Managed Databases allows you to focus on developing great applications without worrying about your data's safety and durability. We back up all clusters continually so your data is safe during catastrophic hardware and software failures.

Backed by a 99.99% SLA, clusters with at least one replica node experience little to no downtime if the primary node is lost. The cluster automatically elects a replica node as the new primary node, initializes a new replica node, and begins serving data utilizing the same connection details, so your application stays up and running.

And if you’re ever stuck with an issue, support is available to help out. Open a support ticket, and our team of knowledgeable system administrators will assist you.

Check out our documentation about getting started with Vultr Managed Databases here. Plus, get answers to frequently asked questions here.

We invite you to try Vultr Managed Databases today. Businesses that would like to discuss using Vultr Managed Databases for large datasets are welcome to contact our sales team here.

**Redis is a registered trademark of Redis Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by Vultr is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis and Vultr.