Vultr Managed Databases for FerretDB: Your Open-Source MongoDB Alternative
Nov 02, 2023

As proponents of open-source principles that drive innovation, Vultr is dedicated to simplifying developer access to open-source frameworks and technology on our cloud infrastructure. Which is why we’re excited to announce that FerretDB is now supported by Vultr Managed Databases.

FerretDB isn't just an open-source alternative to MongoDB; it's a transformative solution that ensures your transition is hassle-free. With compatibility with MongoDB drivers, you can continue utilizing the same tools, drivers, UIs, and query language you're familiar with. This compatibility embodies the true spirit of open source, allowing you the freedom to choose, experiment, and innovate.

Vultr + FerretDB

Today's developers and businesses seek modern, composable database solutions to power large-scale global applications, and FerretDB is the answer. It offers ease of use, scalability, high security, and open-source design, addressing the needs of enterprises and startups.

With Vultr and FerretDB, you can seamlessly use MongoDB drivers with PostgreSQL as the database backend, maintaining familiarity with tools, drivers, UIs, and query language while staying open-source. FerretDB is transparent, emulating MongoDB's behavior, and it allows flexible configuration of the PostgreSQL backend.

Production-ready Databases, Built for Global Scale

Vultr's Managed Databases offer a combination of security, availability, and scalability that's second to none. With support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and now, FerretDB + PostgreSQL, these managed databases are designed to work straight out of the box, automating complex database administration tasks and allowing you to focus on your application's development.

What sets our Managed Databases apart is the speed and efficiency at which you can have a production-ready database cluster up and running. Whether you're scaling vertically with more powerful instances or horizontally by adding replica nodes, the process is effortless. Your data is safe with automatic, off-site backups, encrypted data at rest and in transit, and a 99.99% SLA for high availability.

The Future of Cloud Services

Vultr's vision for the future of cloud services is all about flexibility and innovation. Cloud services are becoming more composable, where developers can easily mix and match from a rich open-source and commercial software ecosystem to create new solutions. This future revolves around a fresh cloud architecture where cloud-native and machine learning engineering converge to deliver advanced ML-powered applications. It's an exciting path we're fully dedicated to, empowering developers to shape technology's future with our infrastructure and solutions.

Discover the future of cloud services with FerretDB, now supported by Vultr Managed Databases. Ready to get started? Head on over to your control panel and begin your journey.