Vultr Earns Prestigious MACH Alliance Certification
Feb 08, 2023

Vultr recently earned certification from the prestigious MACH Alliance, a global consortium of companies and organizations dedicated to promoting open standards, interoperability, and vendor choice in the technology industry. Like Vultr, the MACH Alliance aims to create a more transparent and trustworthy digital ecosystem where customers have more control over their data and technology choices. MACH certification lines up perfectly with Vultr’s unwavering commitment to democratizing cloud access and providing flexible infrastructure and services to help organizations build and run applications in the ways that work best for them.

In August of 2021, Adrian Bridgewater, writing for Computer Weekly, noted that the then-fledgling MACH Alliance had reached 30 member organizations. A mere 16 months later, Bill Doerrfeld noted in that the alliance’s ranks had surpassed 70 vendors, partners, startups, systems integrators, and other ambassadors dedicated to fostering the alliance’s microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless services approach.

To date, Vultr is the only independent cloud provider to have met the full set of stringent criteria to earn MACH certification.

By choosing a MACH-certified vendor, customers know they are dealing with a provider that ascribes to several foundational tenets:

  • Composable connectability: Tech buyers can rest assured that other applications connect easily through APIs.
  • Infinite scalability: Cloud-native architecture ensures seamless rolling upgrades that don’t require human intervention.
  • Ultimate extensibility: Companies can easily add and replace software and make changes on the fly without disrupting front-end UX/UI.
  • Adaptability/Any place, any head: The functionality of the software can be used with multiple front ends.
  • Flexibility & transparency: Customers avoid vendor lock-in, allowing them to stay in charge of their own technology and to be able to respond to any situation.

MACH certification is particularly important for organizations looking for the right partner to help them harness the advantages that cloud computing offers without falling victim to the exorbitant pricing and restrictive lock-in policies of AWS, GCP, and Azure. Organizations considering alternatives to the hyperscalers can be confident that Vultr is operating from a customer-first perspective to make cloud easy, accessible, and affordable. MACH certification validates Vultr’s commitment to helping customers assemble best-of-breed tooling and infrastructure to get their code to market in the fastest time possible.

The MACH Alliance provides resources, education, and guidance to support companies moving to composable infrastructure and adopting open and connected enterprise technology. In achieving MACH certification, Vultr joins an impressive line-up of like-minded organizations, including the likes of Capgemini, EPAM, Deloitte, and scores of other forward-looking organizations committed to providing flexibility to their customers.

Vultr’s API-first stance and the composability that results mean that organizations can spin up a portfolio of integrated developer environments (IDEs) that addresses the specific use cases and varying preferences of the developer teams working across their organization. This allows teams to spend less time on infrastructure management and more time developing the IP that is the organization’s true priority.

This vote of confidence is just the latest in a string of affirmations of Vultr’s primacy as the common-sense alternative to the cloud bloat offered by AWS, GCP, and Azure. In the weeks ahead, you’ll be hearing about numerous expansions of Vultr’s offerings, from the growth of our geographical footprint, to the augmentation of our portfolio of services, to the extension of our ecosystem. Each of these areas of enhancement is designed to give you greater choice in crafting just the right cloud for your code.

Vultr is on a mission to provide businesses and developers around the world with unrivaled ease of use, price-to-performance, and global reach. MACH Alliance certification is but one more endorsement that we are on the right path in our customer-first quest.