Vultr Broadcasting on YouTube: Don’t Forget to Hit Subscribe!
Jun 14, 2022

Do you find it easier to learn by watching than you do by reading? We’ve started building out the Vultr YouTube channel to make it the destination to go for helpful walkthroughs, as well as conversations with some of the businesses and developers running amazing applications on Vultr.

Product overviews
Our experts will dig into the specifics of topics like Kubernetes. While we’ve made Vultr easy for anyone to get started with, this is the place to go to dive deeper into the capabilities of what’s possible.

Celebrating our customers’ success
We also love sharing stories of how businesses and developers use Vultr, like this one from Hostifi, a leading hosting platform for Unifi. Maybe you have a story to share, too – we want to hear it! Tell us how you’re using Vultr.

Best of Vultr Marketplace
Is your app on Vultr Marketplace? It’s an ideal way to attract users by tapping into our 1.5 million customers. On our Vultr YouTube channel, we’ll be showcasing Marketplace apps and sharing helpful hints to get users started. Check out some of the videos we have for Vultr Marketplace apps like Virtuozzo, Jamulus, and Mist where we hear from the creators behind these tools.

Submit your app to Vultr Marketplace, or send us a note if you’re already set up – let’s promote your app on our YouTube channel.

Here's a video about Ant Media Server, one of our Marketplace apps, that allows you to set up low latency video streaming from any of Vultr's 25 locations. Considering Vultr's low bandwidth pricing as compared to other clouds', Ant Media Server and Vultr make a killer combination.

Technical talks
Join us as we chat with Vultr users to see what they’re building. You’ll find informative how-tos on topics like Terraform or how to get started with how to get started with ClusterControl, a popular database ops automation platform.

Do you want to be a Vultr contributor?
We love partnering with our users to share the cool things that are possible with Vultr. If you are interested in creating videos or writing articles for us, get in touch.

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