Vultr CDN: Revolutionizing Content Delivery with Global Reach and Unbeatable Price-to-Performance
Feb 06, 2024

Vultr CDN Overview

If your business can't deliver useful information when and where your customers want it, you may not stay in business for long. The consumerization movement related to content delivery demands speed and efficiency, and if your business can't keep up, your customers will likely turn to one that can. Recognizing this, Vultr has launched Vultr CDN, a modern content delivery network engineered for today’s content- and media-intensive digital experiences. Vultr CDN is designed to push and keep content and media closer to the edge without compromising security. Built on Vultr’s global infrastructure spanning six continents, Vultr CDN is redefining digital experience and asset delivery.

Simplifying content delivery while providing unheard of value and speed

Legacy CDNs were built for simpler times when static, generic, lightweight content could be delivered from central repositories within enterprises. Even then, traditional CDNs were often overly complex and challenging to manage, causing enterprises and web developers to struggle to optimize their infrastructure in a cost-effective and timely manner. Vultr CDN simplifies this process, offering immediate access to a robust, scalable, and global content delivery network. This launch marks the next phase of Vultr's growth as a leading cloud infrastructure provider.

Vultr CDN enhances current cloud infrastructure deployments with sophisticated and intelligent content distribution features, streamlining operations and delivering unmatched cost-effectiveness. Vultr CDN provides an unbeatable $10 per month rate with the industry's lowest bandwidth costs.

A cutting-edge network for fast, secure, and reliable content distribution

Vultr CDN is purpose-built for performance-driven enterprises. It delivers a cutting-edge network for fast, secure, and reliable content distribution optimized for content acceleration, API caching, image optimization, and more. Through its seamless integration with Vultr Cloud Compute, Vultr CDN automatically and intelligently scales itself by selecting the ideal location for each application. The result is to optimize the enterprise’s response to user requests while saving time and money.

5 key benefits of Vultr CDN

  • Global distribution: Vultr CDN delivers content efficiently to users through its robust infrastructure that spans six continents and takes advantage of strategically placed cloud data center locations worldwide. This ensures low latency and high-speed content delivery, no matter where the user is located.
  • Price-to-performance: Vultr CDN redefines market standards by offering an unbeatable $10 per month rate per region, including 1TB of bandwidth and the industry's lowest overage costs.
  • Cutting-edge security and compliance: Vultr CDN provides robust security through AI Blocking and Bad Bots Blocking that safeguards digital assets against numerous cyber threats. Vultr CDN complies with industry-leading security standards to ensure data integrity and trust.
  • Seamless integration with popular CMS platforms: Vultr CDN enables businesses to effortlessly integrate their CDN-cached content into their CMS, reducing latency and ensuring their content is where it needs to be – at the edge and close to their customers.
  • Object caching across six continents: Vultr CDN leverages a robust, global network, ensuring an organization’s objects are cached closer to its users. This integration with Vultr Object Storage not only significantly reduces latency but also improves the responsiveness of websites and applications.

Embracing the future of edge compute

The rapid pace of change in today's tech landscape means that future-proofing is critical to any new product. As businesses move toward conducting more data-centric operations, like ML and AI at the edge, the Vultr CDN will be ready for that development and whatever comes next.

Vultr CDN is a game-changer in the realm of content delivery networks. Its global reach, unbeatable performance, and high-value pricing make it the preferred choice for supporting modern, scalable web applications. With Vultr CDN, enterprises and developers can now deliver content more securely, efficiently, and economically than ever before.