Simplified Kubernetes Support
Apr 08, 2020

Recently we announced our initial offering for native Kubernetes support. Today, we are excited to share two new additions that extend our platform and simplify Kubernetes deployment on Vultr.

Vultr Container Storage Interface
The Container Storage Interface (CSI) allows container orchestration platforms, such as Kubernetes, to provision and handle volumes in your cluster. To dynamically provision volumes for your Kubernetes pods, define a Persistent Volume Claim. The Vultr CSI will create the volumes, and attach or detach them to the assigned pods automatically. Find more information about the Vultr CSI on our GitHub page or the CSI for Kubernetes.

Provisioning a Kubernetes cluster for Vultr requires installation and configuration of Vultr-specific plugins. We created Condor to simplify this process. Condor is a terraform module that provisions a Kubernetes cluster with the Vultr CCM and CSI, along with private networking and a few other key components. At a minimum, you need to define a cluster name to get started. However, you can drill down and define Kubernetes versions, Docker versions, worker count, and many other options to build a tailored cluster to fit your needs. Condor is the fastest way to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Vultr automatically. To find out more about Condor, please check out the GitHub page.

Let us know what other projects you’d like to see and stay tuned for future Kubernetes enhancements. Browse our open source projects on GitHub. Contact us or tweet @Vultr.