Official Terraform Provider
Oct 24, 2019

Since the initial launch of the Vultr GitHub portal, we have been hard at work building new ways to allow you to interact with our services. Today, we are very excited to announce our partnership with HashiCorp in which HashiCorp is bundling our Terraform plugin in the official provider set.

Terraform is a very powerful tool that lets you define infrastructure as code. Why is this useful? It allows you to quickly build, deploy, and change your cloud infrastructure in a repeatable manner. This removes the possibility of human error. With the help of HashiCorp's review process, we are proud to offer a robust, thoroughly tested, and more accessible provider. Now, using Terraform, our provider will be natively available by simply referencing the Vultr provider in your Terraform files. This update saves you the trouble of having to manually compile and distribute the provider plugin on your own. We will also continue to maintain and support this provider in collaboration with HashiCorp.

To learn more about the provider and its documentation, you can visit You can also find the source code for the plugin on Terraform Provider Vultr

In addition to the Vultr Terraform provider being officially offered, we would also like to announce two new open source projects!

Vultr Packer Plugin will allow you to use Packer with Vultr. Packer is another fantastic tool from Hashicorp which allows you to create machine images from a source configuration. Our Packer plugin offers a repeatable and scalable method for creating snapshots on Vultr.

Vultr-node is a Node.js client that will allow you to interact with our robust APIs from your Node/JavaScript applications. This will allow you to build rich frontend applications without requiring a backend to interact with Vultr.

To learn more about these applications, visit our Official GitHub page page.