No-Hassle Container Deployments with
Nov 16, 2020

Vultr's flexible worldwide platform simplifies infrastructure deployment via its advanced cloud platform. With a wide range of of automation solutions possible via our API and open source tooling, Vultr enables the creation of many unique ideas. One of these innovators is, a complete solution to deploy containerized applications, quickly and easily, to servers in any of 17 global locations.

Cycle set out to make cloud orchestration simple for developers, from containers and infrastructure to DNS and more. By demystifying container deployment and removing the complexity associated with other orchestrators, Cycle enables developers to spend more of their time building and less time managing. With automatic platform updates, standardized deployments, a powerful API, and bottleneck crushing automation—the Cycle platform is a great fit for those already used to the simplicity of Vultr’s infrastructure.

Our Vultr account to Cycle takes only a few minutes and unlocks the ability to deploy new Vultr instances worldwide, from within Cycle’s portal or programmatically through their API.

If you’re currently using or considering deploying your applications in containers, make sure to check out Cycle!