New Vultr Bare Metal Plans Available
Jun 30, 2022

For the times you're running workloads that demand the utmost performance and strongest security isolation, we offer Vultr Bare Metal.

With our Bare Metal servers, you can enjoy the simplicity of Vultr's user experience, while also having complete control of your server's software, along with non-virtualized access to your system's processor and memory resources.

Throughout this year we’ve expanded our lineup of Bare Metal servers, with new configurations powered by Intel Xeon Rocket Lake and AMD EPYC 3rd Gen Milan CPUs. We wanted to highlight our recent introduction of these plans designed to satisfy the need for speed – all at affordable prices.

The Intel E-2388G configuration is well-suited for compute-intensive applications that demand low latency network performance – workloads like video streaming and gaming. The E-2388G delivers significantly more overall performance than the preceding CPU (E-2288G). This configuration is currently available in Amsterdam, Atlanta, London, Miami, New Jersey, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo – with more locations being added weekly.

The configurations featuring the AMD EPYC 7543P boast tremendous computational power. They’re well-suited to running your own VMs or large databases that can take full advantage of these servers’ blazing fast NVMe SSD storage. The 24 core version of the 7543P is also ideal for blockchain infrastructure. We are currently deploying servers featuring the AMD EPYC 7543P, and if you’re interested in having it in a particular location, just let us know.

We encourage businesses interested in Bare Metal to provision servers via our control panel, or contact us to discuss your needs.