Start Building with the New Free Plan for Vultr Cloud Compute
Mar 07, 2023

Organizations have an urgent need to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the workloads they’re deploying in the cloud. Cloud operations need a fundamental transformation in order to lower costs, lower barriers to entry, and raise the bar for performance and global reach. Too many organizations spend up to 30-40% more for their global cloud compute than needed. That’s a tax on your business.

We want to eliminate that tax by delivering a better economic cloud compute model and better cost-to-performance for every developer around the globe. As the world’s largest independent cloud service provider, this is why we talk about democratizing access to the cloud for everyone.

Our first step was to expand the number of global cloud data centers, including in India, Latin America, and Africa. Our second step was to provide 2 TB of free bandwidth access to everyone. Now, we’re taking the third step. Today, we’re announcing a new Free Tier for our flagship Vultr Cloud Compute product.

In our mission to eliminate excessive cloud costs, we’re pleased to offer a high-performance cloud virtual machine – completely free of charge – that’s perfect for building and testing many projects prior to deploying them at scale.

These are the specs for our free plan:

  • 1 vCPU
  • .5 GB RAM
  • 10GB Disk
  • Plus 2 TB of free global bandwidth

With these resources, you’ll have enough compute power at your disposal to prototype and run many small-scale websites and web applications. Perhaps you’ll want to use one of the many One-Click Apps within Vultr Marketplace to help you get started quickly.

You can always resize your machine to a larger one if your application demands more resources, or deploy additional instances and front them with a Load Balancer as you scale horizontally in production.

This is an early access release. We are prioritizing access for users who request it by completing the form, and will be incrementally granting access to users who sign up for Vultr with a business email address. You can learn more about the program’s eligibility and admission process here.

If you work for a business and would like to speak with us regarding how best to build, test, and deploy your applications on Vultr, we encourage you to contact sales.