Managed PostgreSQL now available at Vultr
Sep 13, 2022

Following last month’s announcement of Vultr Managed Databases for MySQL, we’re excited to announce today’s launch of Vultr Managed Databases for PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL is a highly advanced, extensible open source object-relational database often chosen for its reliability, feature set, and performance. Now your business can experience all the benefits of PostgreSQL without the toil required to do it yourself.

Deploy in minutes
Vultr Managed Databases for PostgreSQL is fully managed and in just a few minutes you can easily provision a database cluster. No need to worry about the database's installation, configuration, or maintenance, so you can stay focused on your application.

The Vultr control panel makes it easy to add new users and databases, check queries and logs, and migrate your existing PostgreSQL database to Vultr without needing to SSH into a virtual machine.

Vultr Managed Databases handle full backups of your cluster automatically, so when things go wrong, you can quickly and easily get back up and running with little downtime.

Full backups are made daily and use write-ahead logs to allow consistent recovery to a point in time, all the way down to the second.

Highly available PostgreSQL databases, all around the world
Whether your application runs on PostgreSQL or MySQL, Vultr Managed Databases can be deployed close to your customers at any of our 27 locations around the world. And as we expand into new regions, you can easily move your database to a new data center with just the push of a button so your data stays close to the customers you serve.

Vultr Managed Databases use a cluster of primary and replica nodes to ensure your database is always reachable during minor and severe failures. Severe failure of the primary node is automatically mitigated by electing a replica node to replace the primary node that can then begin serving clients.

On multi-node plans, all of this happens without customer intervention or database service interruption.

Scale with your business
Vultr Managed Databases give you flexibility with your underlying resources, so you can match your database infrastructure to your application needs. For less intense applications, you might run your database using Regular Performance Cloud Compute instances, starting at just $15 per month. For faster, more consistent performance, deploy your database on General Purpose Optimized Cloud Compute with additional replica nodes for the most critical and demanding workloads.

When your database requires increased performance, upgrade your plan to increase CPU, storage, and memory capacity, or add additional read-only replica nodes for redundancy across our data centers. Upgrades happen without downtime to your service and won’t risk any data loss.

Below you’ll see Managed Database pricing for clusters running atop General Purpose Optimized Cloud Compute instances.

For full pricing on Vultr Managed Databases for PostgreSQL, click here.

PostgreSQL and MySQL now Generally Available, Redis coming soon
We’re thrilled to support PostgreSQL and MySQL within Vultr Managed Databases. Up next is Redis, the popular open source in-memory database.

Check out our documentation about getting started with Vultr Managed Databases here. Plus, get answers to frequently asked questions here.

We invite larger businesses and partners to contact us for a consultation about migrating from your current database solution to Vultr Managed Databases.