Introducing Vultr WebApp: Seamlessly Host and Stream Applications in Your Browser
Aug 24, 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud computing and remote work, convenience, flexibility, and performance are paramount. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest marketplace application: Vultr WebApp. Vultr WebApp redefines the way you deploy, manage, and access your preferred applications, all through the convenience of your web browser.

Effortless deployment, unmatched convenience

Our headless application hosting solution offers an all-encompassing answer to hosting applications seamlessly. Say goodbye to local installations that tie you down; Vultr WebApp empowers you to remotely manage and access your chosen applications via a user-friendly web interface. This approach allows you to focus on harnessing the true potential of your applications without being bogged down by your local environment.

Flexible application ecosystem

Flexibility is the hallmark of Vultr WebApp. You have the freedom to curate your application stack by selecting from the extensive array of options available in the APT repository for Ubuntu. Whether it's popular web frameworks, dynamic content management systems, or productivity tools, Vultr WebApp streamlines the installation and execution of your preferred applications.

And if your specific application isn't part of the APT repository, don't worry. Our platform supports custom install scripts, putting you in complete control of your application environment. This empowers you to deploy virtually any application by supplying your own installation script, providing a level of customization and control previously unheard of.

Web interface: Intuitive control at your fingertips

Vultr WebApp's user-friendly web interface simplifies the deployment, configuration, and oversight of your applications. Gone are the days of toggling between screens and managing through complex command lines. With the intuitive controls at your disposal, you can now configure settings, monitor resource utilization, and perform administrative tasks directly through your browser. This streamlined interface optimizes your workflow so you can focus on effectively utilizing your selected applications.

Experience immersive performance with GPU acceleration

We understand that graphics-intensive applications demand nothing but the best in performance. That's why Vultr WebApp integrates advanced GPU capabilities to deliver a 3D acceleration experience like no other. Applications that rely on stunning visuals, such as gaming, CAD, or scientific simulations, will thrive within our GPU-powered environment. The enhanced graphics quality, responsiveness, and overall user experience ensure that you can harness the full potential of GPU-driven workloads without any compromises.

Redefining live streaming with Vultr Broadcaster

Vultr Broadcaster, a standalone fork of Vultr WebApp, brings the power of OBS Studio directly to your browser. Whether you're a seasoned streamer, content creator, or organization seeking to broadcast events, Vultr Broadcaster improves your live streaming experience.

By offering a headless OBS Studio solution alongside an intuitive web interface, we offer a use case that empowers you to take your live streaming endeavors to unprecedented heights. With Vultr Broadcaster, you’re no longer bound by traditional installations and cumbersome setups; you can focus on delivering top-tier live streams that captivate your audience. With Vultr Broadcaster, the world of live streaming is at your fingertips, accessible from any compatible device.

Vultr Broadcaster works seamlessly with another Vultr Marketplace application, Owncast. Owncast is a self-hosted streaming application that lets you create your own platform and manage it with your own rules. Best known as an alternative to services like Twitch and YouTube, Owncast allows you to stream to thousands of viewers in multiple resolutions. When paired with Vultr Broadcaster, you’re in control of your livestream from end to end. Learn how to implement this solution on Vultr Docs.

Get started with Vultr WebApp today

In a globally connected world, Vultr WebApp helps bring GPU-accelerated application streaming to anyone, anywhere. Deploy Vultr WebApp and Vultr Broadcaster through our marketplace today.

For more information on how to use Vultr’s WebApp marketplace application, read our documentation here. And check out our documentation for Vultr Broadcaster here.