infra/STRUCTURE 2023: Shaping the Future of Internet Infrastructure
Oct 17, 2023

The infra/STRUCTURE summit recently connected executives from the worlds of cloud, data center, edge, and managed infrastructure. This exclusive industry summit, organized by Structure Research, provided a platform for networking and engaging in candid discussions about the industry's current state and future directions. Vultr's Head of Product Marketing, DJ Johnson, was a panelist at two major panels during this event: "Is Webscale the Edge or the New Hyperscale?" and "Next-Generation Mass-Market Cloud Services."

The Shifting Landscape: Collaboration Over Competition

One of the central themes of the infra/STRUCTURE summit was the need for collaboration in the infrastructure services sector. The fast-paced evolution of internet infrastructure and the rise of new technologies emphasize the importance of working together to address a swath of challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the tech space. In an industry where piecing together various components is crucial to building the infrastructure of the future, the focus has shifted from mere supplier-vendor relationships to collaboration and strategic partnerships.

Panel Discussion 1: Is Webscale the Edge or the New Hyperscale?

This panel delved into the question of whether webscale platforms are the future hyperscalers. Moderated by Philbert Shih, Managing Director of Structure Research, it featured insights from Richard Nicholas, SVP of Corporate Development at Hivelocity, Ben Gabler, CEO of, and Vultr's own DJ Johnson.

Webscale platforms have been rapidly scaling up, and they hold the potential to become the next generation of hyperscale cloud providers. The discussion revolved around the challenges and opportunities for webscale platforms in a hyperscaler-dominated world. The role of edge computing in driving demand and how it might impact colocation and interconnection services was another point of interest. Johnson highlighted the power of industry collaboration and partnerships to help democratize access to high-performance, global infrastructure and discussed how Vultr is poised to embrace and leverage these emerging opportunities.

Panel Discussion 2: Next-Generation Mass-Market Cloud Services

The second panel, "Next-Generation Mass-Market Cloud Services," addressed the evolving landscape of hosting and cloud services. The orientation towards content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and disaster recovery has reshaped the industry. Philbert Shih, once again moderating, led discussions with industry leaders, including Ben Gabler (, Joe Morgan (Virtuozzo), Carrie Wheeler (Liquid Web), and Vultr's DJ Johnson.

This panel explored the opportunities and sources of growth in the cloud services sector. The speakers acknowledged the increasing importance of hyperscale and webscale platforms in providing raw infrastructure and value-added capabilities such as security, content delivery networks, and performance enhancements. DJ emphasized Vultr's commitment to staying at the forefront of these trends, focusing on delivering high-performance, cost-effective CPU and GPU-accelerated compute services to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

infra/STRUCTURE 2023 provided a valuable platform for industry leaders to come together, discuss emerging trends, and shape the future of internet infrastructure. The emphasis on collaboration, rather than competition, was a recurring theme, highlighting the industry's collective efforts to address emerging challenges and seize new opportunities. Vultr contributed to these discussions, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and its role in shaping the landscape of technology to come.