How Console Connect and Vultr Elevate Manufacturing Operations
Jun 04, 2024

Console Connect and Vultr enhance manufacturing operations by integrating Console Connect's automated private network solutions with Vultr's advanced cloud computing capabilities. This partnership leverages Console Connect's CloudRouter® Layer 3 and Edge SIM plugged into Vultr servers. We aim to deliver manufacturing-tailored solutions that address enterprises' end-to-end network infrastructure, applications, and security from the core to the SaaS (Cloud) environment.

Given that the manufacturing segment represents 22% of the total IoT deployments worldwide, this integration ensures secure and direct connectivity for IoT devices within a private network framework that bypasses the public internet. The setup supports the effective deployment of AI, 5G, and edge computing technologies, optimizing manufacturing processes for efficiency and security and paving the way for robust, future-ready industrial operations.

Impact of AI and IoT on manufacturing

Manufacturers often face an "innovation impasse" due to legacy IT systems restricting their innovation ability. Modernizing IT infrastructure through cloud solutions balances the need for current productivity with future growth. This modernization supports long-term investments in automation, data utilization, and customer experience enhancements.

Public and private cloud utilization

Manufacturers increasingly use public cloud services, recognizing that some workloads are unsuitable for on-premises solutions. Additionally, 56% of manufacturers use private clouds for enterprise applications, focusing on security and compliance.

Data-driven decision making

The data collected by IoT devices across the manufacturing process is vast and varied. AI systems analyze this data to provide insights into operational performance, helping manufacturers make informed decisions. This data-driven approach enhances strategic planning, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Innovation and competitive advantage

The adoption of AI and IoT in manufacturing fosters innovation by enabling the development of new products and processes. Manufacturers leveraging these technologies can gain a competitive advantage through improved efficiency, quality, and responsiveness to market changes.

How Console Connect and Vultr work together

Smart factories

Smart factories leverage AI and cloud computing to optimize manufacturing processes. Console Connect's Cloud Router Layer 3 and Edge SIM, combined with Vultr's GPUs powered by NVIDIA, enable predictive maintenance and facilitate precise control over production processes and inventory, optimizing just-in-time production. This setup delivers data analytics and AI-driven data points for enterprises to gain business insights and efficiencies.

Supply chain management

Omniverse provides end-to-end supply chain visibility. Console Connect's secure network and Vultr's sovereign cloud solutions, combined with AI, optimize inventory levels and streamline warehouse tasks, ensuring visibility, traceability, and compliant logistical operations. Additionally, AI-driven strategies in consumer packaged goods help meet shifting consumer preferences and maintain high product quality. This integration ensures secure access from manufacturing plant edge devices to cloud applications, improving business processes.


Cloud-connected robots use AI for precision tasks. Console Connect and Vultr's real-time data communication and automation platforms, powered by Edge SIM and NVIDIA GPUs, increase manufacturing accuracy and productivity with real-time data communication. This solution provides secure point-to-point or cloud router connectivity across manufacturing plants to access data center resources or cloud applications securely and efficiently.

Automotive manufacturing

Console Connect and Vultr facilitate precise control over production processes and inventory. Integrating legacy systems with diverse protocols and Vultr's GPU cloud, powered by NVIDIA, helps predict equipment failure and product defects, optimizing just-in-time production..

Console Connect and Vultr's integration supports the manufacturing industry's transition to modernized IT infrastructure by providing secure, direct connectivity and leveraging AI, IoT, and edge computing technologies. This partnership enables manufacturers to address talent deficits and adopt new back-end systems and factory floor automation technologies, driving efficiency, security, and long-term innovation.