Holiday Gifts! 2021 Recap and Last Minute Launches
Dec 16, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to recap this year’s launches, share some final updates, and tease a bit regarding what’s in store for 2022. If cloud infrastructure happens to be on your wish list, then I think you’re going to be very happy! Here’s what’s new, as we progress on our mission to make cloud infrastructure accessible and affordable to developers and businesses all around the world.

Vultr lands in São Paulo, Mexico City, and Stockholm, with Madrid, Warsaw, and Melbourne coming very soon

Our customers tell us all the time just how much they appreciate our significant global footprint. After all, compute proximity to end users is the key to minimizing end user perceived latency.

That’s why this year we’ve introduced our Cloud Compute and High Frequency Compute virtual machines in Brazil, Mexico City, and Stockholm. This brings us to 20 cloud computing locations in total, across 5 continents, making us the independent cloud with the greatest global footprint by far.

We’re hard at work right now to introduce Vultr in Madrid, Warsaw, and Melbourne, and may still launch there before Christmas. So, keep an eye out under that tree… err, control panel.

More Bare Metal, with VMware ESXi and private networking available on request

Another reason many businesses choose Vultr is that, in addition to virtual machines, we offer dedicated Bare Metal servers. The obvious benefit of our Bare Metal product is that it blends single-tenant isolation and uncompromising performance with our easy-to-use developer experience.

Over the course of the year, we’ve expanded our Vultr Bare Metal offering to include new types of machines across a range of price points, from $185 to $725 per month.

Our newest, biggest bare metal server features a 24-core AMD EPYC 7443P processor. This processor boasts the 3rd generation "Milan” architecture, and makes this machine a cutting-edge compute powerhouse. This new server is particularly well-suited for use cases such as batch processing, video encoding, and game servers.

In addition to introducing new Bare Metal plans, we continue to develop new features, and encourage you to contact sales if you’re interested in setting up private networking, or deploying servers running the VMware ESXi hypervisor.

Private networking enables low-latency, secure, and free communication between your Vultr Bare Metal Servers and other Vultr resources.

With VMware ESXi, you can provision your own custom-sized virtual machines atop a hardware and software stack that you exclusively utilize and entirely control.

Bare Metal is an incredibly important part of Vultr, and in the next year, you can expect us to continue building out global capacity and robust functionality.

NVMe Block Storage now in Tokyo and Los Angeles, coming soon in Amsterdam, London, Singapore, and Sydney

Every Vultr virtual machine includes directly attached, persistent SSD storage. Should you desire more storage than your VM has locally attached, you can mount up to 10 TB of Block Storage to your instance.

Today we’re introducing our NVMe SSD Block Storage in Tokyo, after having introduced it in Los Angeles earlier this year. Because the storage drives are NVMe, they deliver incredible performance in terms of throughput, IOPS, and latency. All data stored in Vultr Block Storage is durable and highly available due to our standard practice of maintaining replicas of your data.

We’re hard at work now to introduce this new NVMe Block Storage in Amsterdam, London, Singapore, and Sydney, as well, so expect an update on this early next year.

Vultr Kubernetes Engine progressing towards General Availability

Now that we have Block Storage in Tokyo, we’re also expanding the availability of Vultr Kubernetes Engine (VKE Beta) so that you can provision fully managed clusters there.

Kubernetes, by design, treats individual worker nodes as being replaceable, ephemeral machines with storage that is only temporary. Therefore, in order to operate stateful applications with Kubernetes, you’ll want to use Block Storage as your means for persistently storing data.

Having recently been certified by CNCF, Vultr Kubernetes Engine is progressing steadily towards a General Availability release early next year. We hope that you take Vultr Kubernetes Engine for a spin, if you’re not already using it.

It’s been a busy year, and the next one is going to be even better

Phew, that’s kind of a lot, and that’s not even everything we’ve done.

We’re always working hard to make sure you can spin up machines with the operating systems you need. Over the course of the year, we’ve introduced support for Rocky Linux, Alma Linux, VZLinuz, and the 2022 editions of Windows Server Core and Server with Desktop Experience.

Earlier this year we also introduced the Vultr Marketplace, which includes a growing collection of popular applications you can install to your machines in just one click. Just a few of the recent additions are WooCommerce for online stores, Owncast for live video and chat, uTunnel for VPN.

One other noteworthy development: we launched the Vultr Partner Program, which gives managed service providers, resellers, and other kinds of innovators strong incentives to work with us to deliver joint customer solutions.

It’s been quite the busy year here at Vultr. And, while we don’t want to give away too much, we think 2022 is going to be epic on a truly global scale. Happy Holidays!