High Frequency Compute Global Expansion Continues!
Aug 05, 2019

Since launching High Frequency Compute in June 2019, customers have been giving us rave reviews about the incredible performance of these new offerings. Powered by 3GHz+ CPUs and local NVMe storage, High Frequency Compute delivers class leading performance and accelerates the performance of even the most demanding applications.

And besides the great performance, the most frequent feedback we heard from our customers was "When is my location getting High Frequency Compute"? Our goal from the start has been to make this high performance compute lineup available in all of our 16 data centers.

Our global roll out continues and we are pleased to announce that today High Frequency is available in most of our locations:

• Amsterdam
• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Dallas
• Los Angeles
• Miami
• New York / New Jersey
• Seattle
• Silicon Valley
• Sydney
• Tokyo
• And more coming soon!

Haven't tried high frequency compute yet? Deploy a 3+ GHz instance today! Or share your thoughts with us by sending us feedback on our contact page or by tweeting @Vultr!