Dec 31, 2015

Let's start 2016 off right by introducing some free upgrades to our offerings! Here are some of the changes we're ushering in with the New Year:

More Bandwidth in Australia and Japan

We have been hard at work making our high speed low latency network even more robust. As part of this ongoing project we are excited to announce increased bandwidth plans for Sydney and Tokyo instances to match our North American and European plans. Starting on January 1st, all new and existing instances will be automatically upgraded to the new bandwidth tiers.

We’ve Added More Cores to Our 4GB and 8GB Plans

Get more processing power for free! Our 4GB compute plan core count is being doubled to 4 and our 8GB compute plan will now offer 6 cores. Have one of these instances already running in your account? Log in to your panel and restart your instance to take advantage of these added cores at no additional charge!

Start your New Year off on the right foot and launch your next project with Vultr!

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