Recap: "The Future of AI in the Cloud"
Sep 21, 2023

Earlier this month, the Vultr team met with a gathering of tech enthusiasts, AI aficionados, and start-up enthusiasts at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. We were excited to join the Dutch Startup Association and NVIDIA at "The Future of AI in the Cloud,” featuring special guests: NVIDIA’s Director of Global Media & Entertainment Strategy and Marketing, Rick Champagne, Autoscriber co-founder and CTO Koen Bonenkamp, and 10x founder Lucien Burm. This event brought together thought leaders in the AI and cloud computing fields and marked a significant milestone as we introduced our AI-Composable Cloud to the Netherlands and Europe.

Attendance and Press

Among the attendees was Zdenka de Booij, a Sales Program Management Associate at Accenture, who stated, "I go to a lot of industry events, but this was one of the best. Very impressive!"

Our initiative to open up the AI market in the Netherlands also didn't go unnoticed. Dutch media outlet Computable covered the event with an article titled "Vultr opent de AI markt in Nederland" ("Vultr opens up the AI market in the Netherlands”). The report highlighted our mission to bring cutting-edge AI technology to the region, enabling innovation and growth.

Start-Up Program Localization

One significant announcement during the event was the launch of our Digital Start-Up Program in Amsterdam. This program, tailored for Dutch AI start-ups, brings high-performance NVIDIA GPU virtualization technology to Amsterdam, leveling the playing field between the city and tech hubs like Silicon Valley. Start-ups can now leverage Vultr's infrastructure for flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions, fostering innovation and growth.

Attendee Insights and Ethical Considerations

Attendees at the event emphasized the importance of ethics in AI. Grace Galdos, Global Lead Sustainability Lab of the Intelligent Enterprise Institute at SAP, noted, "It's not only all about technology, but also about ethics. About making AI accessible for everyone." Lucien Burm, Chair of the Dutch Startup Association, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the positive outlook for responsible AI development.

Positive Takeaways and Encouragement for Start-Ups

Rob Hoeijmakers, a Web Strategist, shared his valuable insights, stating, "With all the worries about AI, there was still a positive outlook. That's what I take away. We are going to take care of stuff, and people will do the right thing." He also highlighted the significance of Vultr's Digital Start-Up Program for Amsterdam-based start-ups in the AI space.


"The Future of AI in the Cloud" shed light on the evolving landscape of AI and cloud technology and introduced our innovative solutions to the Dutch market. As the world of AI and cloud continues to evolve, our Digital Start-Up Program stands as a promising resource for start-ups seeking to thrive in this dynamic space.