Direct Connect Now Available on PacketFabric!
Nov 27, 2019

Vultr is excited to announce a partnership with PacketFabric to support our Direct Connect service. After the launch of Direct Connect in October 2018, Vultr along with PacketFabric joined forces to enable dedicated network connections to be established effortlessly. Using industry standard vlan tagging, this dedicated connection can be partitioned into multiple virtual interfaces.

Vultr Direct Connect with PacketFabric enables your network team to have fine-grained control over the flow of data between your environment and the Vultr platform. Physical connectivity introduces significant benefits for on-premise to Vultr routing, including decreased latency and higher network performance. Additionally, more complex and expansive network architectures are now possible to meet the needs of customers that require private network interconnect between Vultr data centers.

While Vultr Direct Connect remains a global offering, PacketFabric connections are currently available in Vultr’s North American Data Centers only. With speeds ranging from 1 GbE to 100 GbE, you can customize the connection speed that best fits your budget!

To ask us questions or give us feedback, you can reach us from our contact page or by tweeting @Vultr.