Deploy Plesk Onyx With One Click
Mar 08, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Vultr One Click App library has a new addition - Plesk Onyx! Plesk simplifies the webmaster's life by putting powerful tools for managing and updating your web servers into one easy to use control panel. Among the many features, Plesk simplifies website set up, manages email accounts, automates security patching, and gives access to a wide library of useful extensions. Combined with Vultr's easy to use one-click app deployment, launching a Plesk cloud server is easier than ever!

Want to give Plesk a try? We’re currently offering the license FREE for 30 days as part of a special promotion to launch our newest One Click App. During the first 30 days of your Web Pro or Web Host server, you will only pay the base instance cost with no additional license surcharge.

Want to give Plesk a Try? Try FREE for 30 days

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The Plesk Onyx offering comes in three different flavors:

Package Price per month Price per hour
Web Admin Edition SE Free $0.000/hr
Web Pro Edition $7.50/mo $0.011/hr
Web Host Edition $12.50/mo $0.019/hr

Plesk Web Admin Edition SE
This 100% free version of Plesk is ideal for starter sites. As the entry level edition, it is limited to a maximum of 3 domains and it is ad supported.

Plesk Web Pro Edition
Webmasters will find an upgrade to the Pro edition checks most of their requirements. Web Pro adds many additional features, increases the domain limit to 30, and is available for $7.50 per month ($0.011 per hour).

Plesk Web Host Edition
The Web Host Edition is targeted toward businesses as it allows unlimited hosted domains and adds reseller functions. Web Host Edition is available for $12.50 per month ($0.019 per hour).

Start using Plesk on the Vultr platform to help simplify your website management today! Read more on our Plesk App page or deploy Plesk Now now!

Feedback or comments? Reach out to us using our contact page, or on Twitter @Vultr.