Deploy Bare Metal Cloud Servers With Vultr!
Dec 01, 2017

From the beginning, the team at Vultr has focused on making all aspects of hosting infrastructure management easier for everyone. Today we are excited to bring the simplicity of the Vultr platform to an old hosting industry stalwart - dedicated servers - by introducing the brand new Vultr Bare Metal product line!

Powered by Vultr's cloud orchestration, you can now easily deploy single-tenant physical dedicated servers with zero virtualization layer. We’ve also added an array of cloud features typically only available for standard compute, such as hourly billing, fast api-driven deployment, and availability in multiple geographic regions.

Direct Hardware Access
Vultr Bare Metal provides direct access to the full power of the underlying physical hardware without a virtualization layer. On our platform, you'll be in the driver's seat of a real, physical server, with the convenience and simplicity of Vultr automation. Bare metal servers are also single-tenant only which means that only you will have full access to the resources of your server.

Worldwide Deployment
Deploy bare metal hardware around the world in 10 minutes or less using our point-and-click control panel. We are first introducing bare metal in Singapore and more locations will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Flexible Resource Management
Easily scale and customize your bare metal environment via our user-friendly customer portal or by using our flexible API. In addition, all bare metal plans include the same no long term contract terms and hourly billing you’ve come to expect from our standard compute offerings.

All Standard Operating Systems
The complete Vultr operating system library has been updated to support bare metal servers. This includes all our versions of Linux, Windows, and BSD with full root/administrator access. Seamlessly switch between virtual and bare metal hardware without having to compromise!

Bare metal adds the proven performance and security of the Vultr platform. Read more about bare metal servers on our product page and deploy a bare metal server today!

Comments or feedback? Reach out to us via our contact page, or by tweeting @Vultr