Collaborate with Vultr on GitHub!
Jul 01, 2019

The Vultr team has always focused on delivering the high performance cloud developers rely on every day. Over the years, we’ve heard requests from our community to simplify the integration process by providing official support for popular third party tools including Terraform and other cloud native tools.

Starting today, we are introducing our Vultr GitHub portal and announcing several Vultr-maintained open source projects. We listened to the feedback and came up with an initial offering that we are thrilled to share with you!

An officially supported GO Client which allow you to communicate with our APIs from within your GO applications.

Terraform lets you build, change, and version your infrastructure without headaches. As you make changes to your configuration, Terraform can determine what has changed and build the new desired state accordingly. Leverage Terraform and manage your entire Vultr infrastructure as an immutable codebase.

Spend a lot of time in the terminal? Fear not, with Vultr-cli all of your Vultr resources are a few keystrokes away.

WHMCS makes automation and billing simple for hosting providers and the Vultr module simplifies integration with our platform.

By working together with the open source community, we aim to increase the diversity and robustness of third party tooling and allow for more creativity to flourish on Vultr! We have a lot more exciting things lined up so stay tuned as we will be releasing more tooling and products in the coming months.

Come see these projects by visiting or let us know what projects you’d like to see on our Twitter and contact page!