Celebrating Six Years of Vultr Docs!
Sep 24, 2020

Vultr is celebrating! It's been six years since we launched Vultr Docs. We invited authors to write, and you responded; Since 2014, we have published more than 1,500 articles across 50 categories. Thank you! Your tutorials and guides consistently rank among the most referenced information on the Internet. We've been listening to our growing author community and we are just getting started! The developers have been busy, and today, we are thrilled to announce the release of some of the most requested updates for Vultr Docs. We have a lot to report, so top off your coffee (or a beverage of choice), and dive in to learn what's new.

First up, we’ve added some new sections to complement our how-to articles and installation guides. You’ll find these useful when you need a quick answer without searching through a tutorial.

● See our Quickstart Guides when you need a "cheat sheet" of the most common information without searching through full tutorials. You’ll find information on startup scripts, configuring firewalls, managing SSH keys, working with snapshots, and more.
● Our Troubleshooting Guides walk you through problem-solving scenarios like diagnosing network issues, correcting boot problems, performing an emergency VPS rescue, or recovering from the infamous WordPress "White Screen of Death."
● Authors will appreciate our Best Practices guides when describing administrative tasks like system updates, creating sudo users, or changing hostnames. Include these handy links to explain common steps when writing your tutorials.

We plan to expand these sections and we'll reward authors who contribute updates. We’ll even suggest topics and help you write article outlines when you join our new Trusted Author Program.

Website Upgrades
Our developers have been busy too! The following upgrades are designed to improve the quality of the community for all users:

Trusted Author Program
Are you serious about writing and have a passion for technology? Join the trusted author team and tell us about your writing experience. We’ll match you up with suggested topics and work with you on the article outline. You’ll also get authorship credit on your articles.

Anyone is welcome to submit unsolicited articles. Membership in the Trusted Author Program isn't required to write for Vultr Docs, and the payout levels are the same. Tell us how you use our open-source tools on GitHub. If you’ve solved a business problem with our infrastructure, write a case study! We’ve published new resources to help your writing, including a style guide, an article template, and we updated our Markdown tutorial to include table support.

Improved Search
We've improved our search engine! You can search by full text or title, or use advanced operators to exclude words or specify exact phrases.

Article Voting
Rate an article with one click to help us identify the most helpful articles.

Author Credit
We've added an author byline to the top of articles. If you'd like credit for your writing, please tell us what name to display in the "Additional Information" section. We plan to expand this feature, so watch for future announcements!

Dark Mode
Use dark mode for Vultr Docs — or not, as you prefer. But why wouldn't you?

New Online Editor
We've given the authoring tools some love. The new online editor is easier to use with on-screen formatting tools and keyboard shortcuts.

GitHub Support
We added a GitHub repository to host control files and scripts related to your tutorials.

Article Roundup
We have received an astonishing number of quality articles recently, and we’d like to share some examples. We don't have enough space to list all the best work here but check the latest article category to see more. And did we mention that we pay up to $300 for writing these articles?

Installation Guides
Use these installation guides when installing a new server from scratch.

Install Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Install and Configure Redis on CentOS 8
Install Gentoo Linux on a Vultr Server
Install the PostGIS Extension for PostgreSQL on Ubuntu Linux
Install MongoDB on CentOS
Install Varnish Cache for Apache on CentOS 7

Advanced Tutorials
These tutorials will lead you through complex setup steps with confidence.

How to Use s3cmd with Vultr Object Storage
How to Use Two-Factor Authentication with Ubuntu 20.04
How to Enable or Reinstall SELinux on CentOS
How to Install Laravel 7 with Nginx and MariaDB
How to Install Postfix, Dovecot, and Roundcube on Ubuntu 20.04
Semi-synchronous Replication with MariaDB
Use a Wildcard SSL Certificate with Vultr Load Balancer
Manage WordPress With WordOps
Automatic Website Backups with Tar, Cron, and Rsync
Creating Vultr Object Storage With the Vultr Go Client

We will continue to build Vultr Docs with input from the community. We have more projects planned, and we need your feedback. Please use our contact form or tweet @Vultr to tell us what you'd like to see next. Remember, if you can't find an answer Vultr Docs, request a new article — or write one and get paid!