Building WordPress Sites That Are Powerful & Lightning Fast
May 11, 2021

How Adam Preiser, Founder of WPCrafter, took his website full-throttle with Cloudways Web Hosting + Vultr High Frequency Cloud Computing

Get more from your WordPress website

Of the 1,000,000 most popular websites online today, 40% are powered by WordPress. It’s a popular, well-loved platform with seemingly endless possibilities, enabling even the least-tech savvy small business owner to offer advanced features. With the support of a managed WordPress partner like Cloudways, small business owners can deliver video streaming, online courses, interactive tools and more by choosing from a vast library of available plugins. However, without the proper cloud computing backbone, WordPress websites can be sluggish... and we all know a slow website is a sad one.

Many of today’s small business owners are passionate about their own endeavors, but (unless their dream involves IT), aren’t usually equipped with significant tech skills. Adam Preiser knows this pain first-hand. He helps small business owners launch WordPress websites through his own professional services business.

As his company grew, Adam realized he needed to get more out of his own website without necessarily paying more. Specifically, Adam needed to:

  • Deliver a reliable, high-performance website experience
  • Incorporate advanced elements, such as e-Commerce, video streaming, online courses, etc.
  • Find an easier way to manage small business websites

Adam had tried nearly every other hosting option. Most solutions that met his performance needs were too expensive. Yet customers that landed on a slow website would likely bounce quickly to a competitor, so not taking any action was actually costing Adam a lot already.

Launching high performance servers in 3 easy steps

Thankfully, Adam found Cloudways + Vultr's High Frequency Cloud Computing, and the rest is WordPress history. With Cloudways, Adam could get the managed WordPress support he needed whenever something came up. But the game changer was hosting the site on Vultr High Frequency servers. Adam used it for his own business and encouraged his customers to try it.

"I often tell my customers they’ve just got to feel the difference to believe it. It sounds too good to be true."
- Adam Preiser

Vultr High Frequency became the clear choice over any other option on the market for a few reasons. It is faster for visitors which makes it better for SEO. It’s also faster for backend development, especially when adding advanced website elements.

One of Adam’s favorite aspects of Cloudways + Vultr High Frequency, is that you can launch a server in just 3 quick steps:

  • Step 1: Pick a server size and give it a name.
  • Step 2: Select a location.
  • Step 3: LAUNCH!

Vultr prides itself on making it simple and easy, even offering a free, 3-day trial with no credit card required to start building your cloud server. There’s no risk, and tons of rewards possible.

Cloudways + Vultr is a Business Owner’s Dream Come True

The perception Adam hears often is they have to spend a lot and it’s going to be complicated and technically challenging to achieve the high-performance website they envision. But it’s actually possible with Cloudways + Vultr.

"Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency Cloud Computing was a DREAM come true! The best price + performance option around." - Adam Preiser

Not only did WordPress websites perform considerably faster, but the entire transaction process was streamlined and easy. Vultr’s clear, transparent pricing and accessibility makes it a great option for small business owners who are non-technical.

Some of the feedback we heard was:

  • "Holy Freaking Cow....I loaded my slowest site like you suggested, GTMet has it at 10.5 second upload, after uploading it to Vultr it's loading less than 1 second, OMG, OMG, OMG....." - David M.
  • "Amazing Adam! Followed your advice and moved over a site with woocommerce that was slow on the back end. The difference is huge with Vultr and Cloudways! Thanks again." - Nikos T.
  • "I am amazed. We just migrated a copy of my wife's website for testing. We obtained on Gtmetrix a 100% PageSpeed score and an 82% YSlow score. I presume that this later result may even go higher if we decide to proceed with a live and final transfer. Simply fantastic. Thanks!" - Zoltan K.
  • "I'd been thinking of trying Vultr HF and this video pushed me to commit. The speed increase is noticeable, especially when deleting redundant applications. It was easy to clone the old server to a new HF server. The extra bit of work re-activating premium plugin licenses on the new server was worth it. For the added performance, it’s a bargain." - Kevin R.
  • "Just moved a bloated… Performance is amazing! I’m blown away. Very happy with the results. This made it so easy." - William
  • "I just switched myself! So good!" - Ashley B.
  • "Just registered a trial and I'm super impressed and ready to migrate a LOT of websites :)" - WP-koulu
  • "Bro I never comment lol but you legit are my new hero! THANK YOU <3" - ShowKO F.
  • "I'm moving all my sites over :)" - Ruben G.
  • "Great! I'm convinced with Cloudways Vultr HF for my WP websites." - Michael T.

Watch Adam’s full Cloudways + Vultr tutorial video

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Vultr delivers the perfect marriage of speed, simplicity and ease of use, helping businesses scale and grow as much as they want, when they want.

"Once you feel the advantages of Cloudways + Vultr, it’s a clear, easy choice." - Adam Preiser

Put your WordPress pedal to the metal

Take the challenge: Move your slowest website over to Cloudways + Vultr for FREE. It’s easy to set up and you’ll be blown away at the performance improvements you can instantly achieve.

There’s zero down-side, but plenty of upside.

Start now with Cloudways + Vultr.

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