Automate Your Vultr Infrastructure With Cloud 66
Feb 25, 2020

Today, we are pleased to announce that Cloud 66 has launched native Vultr cloud provider support! With this partnership, Cloud 66 users can now scale their applications on the worldwide Vultr cloud directly from the Cloud 66 dashboard.

Customers have always enjoyed Vultr's standardized platform backed by flexible features, simple no-contract pricing, wide global reach on 4 continents with 16 data centers, and impressive performance benchmarks. While Vultr deployments were previously possible through the platform's Registered Servers feature, this new integration greatly simplifies the management of Vultr cloud resources via Cloud 66!

About Cloud 66

Cloud 66 is all about making the developer's life easier. Since 2012, Cloud 66 has been helping teams run their infrastructure in the cloud by streamlining the building, deployment and lifecycle management of web applications. Cloud 66 acts like your in-house DevOps and provides automation for Rails, Node.js, Kubernetes via Masetro and Skycap and more!

Are you new to Cloud 66?

Cloud 66 is offering a $66 promotional credit to help you kick start your trial on the platform. Head on over to the sign up page and create an account - just use the code: Hello-Vultr when you set up your account!

Want to learn more? Visit their documentation section to read all about the available products.