Announcing Vultr API v2
Jul 30, 2020

Our API team has been working closely with the developer community to improve our open source tooling and developer integrations. Today the Vultr team is excited to announce the next version of our API. This developer preview will run for the next several weeks as we review feedback and finalize the specification, with an anticipated general availability release later this fall.

The Vultr API v2 improves the developer experience significantly with new features:

• Resources have CRUD actions with RESTful design
• Increased performance and more flexible rate limits
• A new cursor-based pagination to simplify list handling
• Improved naming conventions across-the-board
• We've added new and expanded existing error messages
• Resource IDs that are now easier to understand
• Uses consistent and well-formed JSON

See the full API v2 documentation at:

If you use the Vultr Go or Node clients, you'll receive a transparent upgrade after the beta cycle completes. Look for the v2.0.0 tag on all our infrastructure tools at GitHub. If you have questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Qualifying bug reports are eligible for our bug-bounty program!

Note: the current version is only a developer preview. Production usage is currently not recommended! Do you have suggestions or features you'd like to see in API v2? You can submit your feedback directly to our API team by using the following support ticket page.