Announcing Our New Cloud Computing Location in Sweden
Sep 16, 2021

Hello, Hallå! Today we're celebrating the launch of our newest location in Stockholm, Sweden!

Our mission at Vultr is to simplify the deployment of infrastructure via our advanced cloud platform. Of course, we consider our mission to be global – so that's why we're continuing to invest in new locations around the world.

Stockholm represents our eighteenth site, and we look forward to introducing more locations in the months ahead.

To start, our new Stockholm, Sweden location will offer our Cloud Compute virtual machines. These VMs allow you to provision instances with a broad range of CPU, RAM, SSD, and Bandwidth specifications. Well-suited for web applications, Cloud Compute makes it easy to run popular Linux distributions, including new ones like Alma Linux and Rocky Linux. You can also upload your own custom ISOs, or spin up servers with apps in the Vultr Marketplace.

We'll be adding High Frequency Compute and Bare Metal in the future.

Spin up an instance now in Sweden, in just a few minutes. Get started with Vultr today.