Nov 18, 2015

Vultr account owners can now share management of account resources without sharing their master login! With our new multiple users feature, you have the ability to create new logins with limited access to portions of your Vultr account. Control and assign specific powers on your account to your team, including the ability to administer servers, deploying new instances, manage billing, open support tickets, and more.

Security is also an important focus of this new feature and for the users of our web API. As an account holder, you will no longer need to share your API key with your group - each new login will be provided an individual API key that is limited by the permissions of the team member. Team members are also able to set up individualized two-factor authentication, a security best-practice that we strongly encourage.

Get started by visiting the Settings area of your Vultr control panel. Controls for managing additional logins are located under the "Users" tab.

More features and additional permission granularity controls are coming soon so stay tuned to our news feed and follow @Vultr on Twitter!